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11 Ways of Enhancing Your Social Profile Visibility without Paid Advertisements

Social media stores a lot of advertising potential for the startups, small scale businesses all across the world. But the competition is extremely high and this has created an unsavory situation for the biggest social media platforms. The company in different industries has noticed drastic falls in their organic accessibility on Facebook and on the other social media sites. This has propelled many companies to go for paid advertising in order to be in the forefront of their fans. They have in fact stopped being concerned about organic reach. But the small business entities do not have the capacity to pay such advertising. But they can do many other things to increase their Facebook and other social media page reach without going for paid advertising.

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Implementing the below-elaborated things can help to increase the organic reach of the social media:

  1. Ordinary content and post can never bring organic success on the popular social media. Create content that are unique and craft posts that are out of the box which will be eagerly shared by people on the social media. People do not like to share things that they do not identify with. They like to share posts that will make them look erudite and smart.
  2. Try to create exhaustive blog posts. It is a great way to beat the rivals and also to establish the brand identity as an industry expert. Viewers value such posts greatly specifically if it includes:
    • Links to research, studies and related resources on the topic
    • Personalized graphics, screenshots and different related photographs
    • Videos that further elaborate on the topic

    The more comprehensive the content is the more shares it will attract which will be far greater than the mediocre contents.

  3. Images appeal far more to the audience than the regular text posts and so it get more shares also. Sharing such graphics is a perfect way to attract the attention of the audience. If there is any proclamation to be made then accompany it with high-quality graphics.
  4. The social media sites are putting a lot of stress on video content in the recent times. If a business entity wants to make an organic influence with the social media sites like Facebook then they must pay special attention to the video contents.
  5. The most crucial aspect of the social media like Facebook and Twitter is not the witty posts and the in-depth blogs. It is the audience that matters the most. If the understanding of the audience is clear then a perfect social media presence can be created without going for paid advertising.
  6. Locate the person that you consider as your perfect customer. Then ask him/her the few of the below questions:
    • What are challenges that you are facing?
    • What do you do to network with others in the industry?
    • Are you affiliated with any group or association?
    • What kind of books, blogs and publications do you read?
    • How do you find new information about your job?
    • How the success for your profession is measured?

    These questions will reveal an enormous amount of information about the customers and will help to understand them better. Ones you have a clear understanding of the customers then you can create more appealing content for the social media sites.

  7. After having a clear understanding of the ideal customer, it is time to do something positive with that information. It can be used regarding hyper-targeted persona. A persona aids in positioning the content towards a particular person. When a post is designed keeping in mind a specific persona, it becomes much simpler to tap into the requirements, wishes and pains of the audience.
  8. A full proof social media strategy can be spoilt by getting trapped into common mistakes and this can certainly blemish the reputation of the business entity in the online world. Try to avoid the major social media errors if you genuinely want to create an impact without going for paid advertising.
  9. Never post the same content on each and every social networking sites. Every social media site has its own definite culture and the content should cater to that culture. For example, what is appropriate for Facebook is not right for Twitter. Posting the similar message on every site does not work at all. Create unique content for each social platform and this attracts more sharing.
  10. Do not provide same old boring updates. Since the online world is fast moving nobody will notice it. So do something unique like share your brand’s personality with the domestic and global audience.
  11. Do not be irregular or sporadic with posting of content. If you want visibility without paid advertisement then your rate of engagements should be very high and this is only possible by publishing quality updates all-around the week.

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Achieving success on social media is a unique combination of web strategy and strategic application. If you desire organic success on the social media platforms, adopt the right plan first.

Author: Ranjan Paul

Ranjan Paul who is the Team leader of Digital Marketing Department at Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India has immense experience in this field. He has been responsible for creating the internet presence of many unknown business entities and has also propelled many known names to the first page of the most well-known search engines.

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