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5 Possible Reasons Holding Your Website Back from Getting Business

It’s shocking for businesspersons to see their website not performing even after investing a big portion of their working capital in web designing services. Is it due to a poor strategy? Is it an issue with the website? Aren’t the customers willing to try such a new platform? There could be literally innumerable questions arising into your mind. But, before you get too stressed, read what our experts say about the probable reasons of such lethargic behavior of your website.

Improper Optimisation

Packing up your website with lots of engaging content doesn’t make your website well optimised. Text content is for readers – it keep them engaged and interested. But, optimisation is required for the search engine to make your website visible through the internet. Any website may have several issues, technically known as on-page or on-site issues, even though you have developed it by any reputed website development company. So, consult with any SEO expert and fix the issues.


Clumsy & Misleading UI

We come across several websites every day during our research work where it becomes often very difficult even to understand what the website is about! So, how can you expect that a new customer will reach your website and buy products or services from you? Uniqueness is good; but make sure it is relevant and designed for the target market. Putting too much graphics and excellent images don’t make your website appealing; it just makes it clumsy, confusing, and often irritating. So, keep it clean, meaningful and easy to use.


Wrong Strategy

Are you planning to sell refrigerator to an Eskimo? Do you think offering high discount will skyrocket your sales? Have you showcased some fake product to get more profit? Of course, you can design your own business strategy. But, it will work only when it will be perfectly profitable for the customers. Any cheap strategy will boomerang – if not immediately, may be few months later. If you want a genuine strategy that supports you in long term, you must have to hire digital marketing experts and have to follow their guidelines.


Poor Support Service

If you forget your customer after selling a product, they will also forget you. So, be in touch if you want to make profit from your website. Communicate with them regularly, no matter they have purchased any product or not. Create separate communication strategies for different types of customers and implement them the best way. Provide genuine and prompt after-sale-support to make sure you can satisfy them best, if not 100%.


Untrustworthy Payment Method

Whether it is a frightening payment term or insufficient or misleading information in the payment page, it can deter your customer badly. So, it is always very important to create a clean payment page with enough guidance for novice users and validate every field properly to avoid any failed transaction. Choose payment gateway that offers all types of online payment options with highest security guarantee. It may cost you little high commission; it will definitely help you create a huge database of loyal customers.

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