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5 Proven Techniques to Improve Visitor Engagement & Ensure Revisiting

Whatever be your domain, industry or target market, engaging the visitors should be your very first target. On the web world, competition is ever growing and therein lies the challenge for the graphic designing company in Kolkata. At Sketch Web Solutions we keep working on innovating efficient techniques and implement them to give a powerful tool to our clients. Here are a few of those proven tricks that we have recently used in some websites.

Try Minimalistic Design

During 2014, minimalistic clean design became very popular. But, soon it flopped because of insufficient text content which made it tough for SEO experts to gain visibility. But, it was nothing but lack of research and experiment. We have made it successful through adding enough content on the linked inner pages and keeping the home page clean and highlighted with all the important ingredients. It proved its power to engage visitors; even them who aren’t well proficient in reading website’s default language.


Playing with Words

Content is still the king in the internet world. But, the tone has changed a lot. Those heavy-weight corporate language has lost its charm. People love to get friendly suggestion – exclusively written for them. So, make it more interactive, attention grabbing and intuitive. Keep those jargons and confusing technical words aside and stick to simple language. Use thoughtful question-answer set, bullet-points, quotations and examples to make it more scannable, interesting and useful. You can see remarkable improvement in the sessions counts within few weeks.


Utilise Internal Linking Wisely

Internal linking is a very simple yet effective step that makes it easy for the visitors to navigate from one page to another. They can get detailed information regarding certain products and services without any need to search it separately. Being a graphics design company in Kolkata we do it during the development process and it helps even search engines to crawl your website easily which makes the SEO process more fertile.


Prevent Exiting Your Website

Regardless of all your efforts, you may not be able to stop everyone from leaving your site. But, you can definitely reduce the exit rate using some tricks. Every visitor in your site comes with certain requirement and so you can throw your last deal to them – exactly when they are about to leave. Incorporate a reliable ‘exit intent popup’ and present your best deal in hand. We have noticed that almost 30% of these unhappy visitors stay to read these popups and change their mind. So, why won’t you use it, when you can implement it mostly for free?


Communicate with an Aim

You have Google analytics and other tools to track your customer-behaviour to know what they want. You can start some auto-respond survey to validate your data and to know their opinion in details. Once you have the visitor data in hand, communicate with them through personalised mails and send them the best offer you have for them. We can assure you that a good number of visitors will respond to these mails and contact you back. Hire professional content writer or experienced digital marketing expert to design these communication mails strategically and professionally to get maximum ROI.

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