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Adopt Lunchbox Web Application & Let Your Customers Place Lunch Orders Simply


Be it a giant organization’s canteen system or a home-delivery service provider the biggest challenge for them is to take orders perfectly with all the details of dishes with quantity from customers and delivering them on time. While most of the organizations do it through the antediluvian register or token system, some are looking some better method desperately. Thanks that today a website development company in Kolkata has launched a revolutionary Lunchbox application that would change the system radically.

So, why these companies felt the need to change that old and popular system? Simply because of the error-prone nature of the method. A client calls you and says the food items and you note down them on a piece of paper and forward it to the concerned team. But, you may make mistake listening the order or even can make mistake writing it. Also, you can get confused with someone else’s order-slip during the peak time.

But, when you have lunchbox application with you, customers can log into the application and place their order by choosing the items and quantity. What about the payment? No, you don’t have to rely upon the cash-on-delivery system; your customers can make payments online through their bank cards or net banking system within a few seconds.

Being developed using CI framework the application provides you a smooth and fast platform to add your food items, make them active or inactive, set price and so on. As per the website designing company in India the website owner can integrate their bank account through simple steps so that they can receive payments seamlessly. So, don’t let your customers be upset because you made a wrong delivery. Use Lunchbox and grow your business vigorously like a responsible brand.

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