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An Effective Guide to Succeed as an Independent Mobile App Developer

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Due to the active involvement of a million apps in the Apple and Google play app stores, it has become extremely difficult for newcomers to come up with a completely new app. Many fellow indie app developers come and go but very few have actually got accomplishment in the app industry. The high pace with which the industry is growing requires hard work and continuous efforts to cope up with the curveballs the app store throws.

At the beginning, all you required to be successful in the app industry was to put forward a decent app that is built with a revolutionary concept of enabling users to interact with the content through touch of their phone screens. But now the challenge has been complicated and shown priority on having interesting graphics and marketing processes. Within very short time, ‘marketing’ become predominant and without a proper marketing plan, starting off to develop your app is worthless.

Thus to get success through your mobile app in this over competitive world, you can determine the following tips that are coming out of more than 300 app entrepreneurs’ perspective to become a successful indie app developers in today’s ever changing:

  1. Understand Native vs Cross Platform Development:
    Every platform requires unique coding skills. For iOS, you need to develop your app in objective C and for android, java and XML is suitable. Coding in a proper way allows giving high performance and achieving latest API support. As you are new in this, it is always advisable to start on a single platform to gain efficiency in a particular field and then looking forth to SaS sites for developing apps in multiple platforms.
  2. Select Your First Platform Sensibly:
    There are three stores to sell your app – Google play, App Store or windows store. To choose the first platform wisely, you need to get clear off everything in your mind. Study the app stores and understand your ideas to choose the appropriate one for your app.
  3. Study the Unsuccessful Apps:
    The app industry is full of successful and horrible apps. Study the unsuccessful apps and find out the mistakes that they have made to avoid duplicating the same into yours. Many learners only read the top of the chart without listing the flaws an app contains. Once you have a list of mistakes, you can avoid and bring out solutions to rectify those.
  4. Comprehend Important Role of Design:
    The design is the most crucial part of an app. it is the main element that attracts the customers towards it. Here are six things you should focus on while designing a mobile app.

    • Less is More: While designing a mobile app, you should keep this important principle is mind – the more you fill the app with graphics or visuals, the more it becomes complicated. Put on the relevant images that describe your products or services and keep it simple and distinct.
    • Pixel Perfect Graphics: Don’t design with the misconception that because the screen size is small, your mistakes will not come into focus. In small screens, you should be more careful about designing it properly.
    • Icon Matters: it’s the first thing your customers focus on while visiting the app. it’s important to design it as per the overall theme of the app.
    • Flaws and Features: you should know the difference between flaws and features.
    • Test Your Design: before sending your app to launch, it’s important to test whether it is compatible to appear properly on every screen size.
  5. Invalidate Your Idea: Be passionate to give your idea a remarkable platform. But don’t get trapped within it. Research the competition and understand the need of the market to make sure your work is worth creating. However, you should not only focus on researching the related data that supports your idea. But at the same time, you should know why the app is a bad idea for many.
  6. Be Obstinate: The notable success demands many years of handworks and struggle. This cannot be achieved overnight. Be determined and passionate to study the new apps that published and to learn each new version update to reach out to your ultimate destination.
  7. Find Professional Partners: It’s all about having a professional team in the same room with you. Working with a professional team in the same room allows linking your ideas to their creative efforts to present something viable in the market.
  8. Just Start: Just start with something simple and gain experience with your work. Don’t overthink the initial process as creating and submitting an app is a complicated process and it requires some time. Be patient and continue working in the same flow to get your work done.Mobile Apps
  9. Client Retaining Secrets:
    • Be Proficient: Develop a professional app, comprising little and important information. Clients always look for the apps that are built with a professional touch and with a very few sentences, let them know about each aspect of the brand.
    • Be Transparent with Your Ads: Write about every monetization plan or in-app purchases you are using in your app’s description page. Users will see from the permissions needed anyway.
    • Update Often, but not when it’s not Required: Customers often look for latest and updated stuff thus, updating the app frequently enable you keep your customers’ interest stable towards your brand and also to attract many others.
    • Support and Respond: You should stay prepared for an active interaction with your customers. Respond to your user’s feedback via e-mail or comments and set simple process of logging in through Facebook if your app requires your customers to log into an account.
  10. Marketing Tricks: In the app industry, the presentation is important and it is the factor that influences the customers most. these are some branches you should focus on while marketing your app:
    • Product Description: product description should be given in the form of a professional sales letter. It is more effective than a dry app description. Videos also playing an important role in enabling customers to know much about a product and to influence them to buy one.
    • Intelligence Gathering: research the apps that are at the top of your niche. Study the keywords and descriptions they are using and with that idea, create yours. But you need to keep yours unique. Also, check out the tool ‘Searchman SEO’. This is the most effective way to bring improvement in the brand.
    • Brand Awareness: Extend your business’s reach as much as possible by creating social profiles on every important site. If you are economically sound, have a hotspot to promote your app in a high traffic location. Contests or giveaways should be arranged offline or online through websites, blogs or social media.
    • SEO Pays Off: Google play’s app ranking system now takes into consideration how many Google Pluses an app has. Thus, it’s important to attach as many backlinks as possible to your app from the quality sites.

Follow the above mentioned tips and get the clear insight of a good or bad idea. With this effective guide, you can run a successful app business.

Author: Prosenjit Mandal

Mr Prosenjit Mandal who is a project manager and a passionate blogger is a regular contributor of write-ups and articles to e-magazines and blogs. He has been operating in the field of information technology for years for now and his experience is invaluable. You can follow Mr. Mandal on LinkedIn.

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