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An Unbiased Guide to Choose Mobile App Platform for Your Ecommerce – Android or iOS

ios-vs-androidAttracting new visitors, retaining existing ones and finally converting the traffic – that is the ultimate goal of every website. And, no need to mention that an engaging Android or iOS app development can be one of the most effective investments to grab most of the mobile traffic along with web. But, while you know that you have both iOS and Android users in the target audience list, it becomes a real challenge to decide which to develop first – especially when every penny matters.

Volume of Audience

Though iPhone is the most famous smartphone in the developed countries, Android beats the race with popularity and huge number of users. Hence, Android development can be the safest investment in term of availability of millions of potential users. However, on the contrary, for the same reason the Google play store has become overcrowded with so many ecommerce apps which may send your app back behind hundreds of popular apps. So, you also have to take digital marketing in consideration while preparing your budget which may become necessary a few months later, if not immediately.

Development Cost

Developing an iOS app is always treated as a costly project; but, same is true with an efficient Android development. If your plan isn’t just to add feathers to online status of your brand by launching an app, you must have to hire the right developers who can provide you a truly useful, engaging and easy to use app. Still, it is a fact that the cost of android app development is well suited to your pocket.

Intricacies Related to Approval

Google play store gives its developers the freedom to choose the function and quality of their app. You can upload literally (almost) any app and it will be approved – as simple as it sounds. But, Apple is too serious regarding the quality and usefulness of their apps. Even if your iOS app is developed and ready to launch, iTunes may reject it several times for minor UI issue, security issue, coding issue and so on. If you haven’t hired well experienced iOS development company, there’s a good chance that it won’t be approved in the first try or may be second or third. So, if you don’t want to take such risk, it is always a good decision to target the Android users first and if you get positive result, there is no harm in proceeding to iOS. Isn’t it? Share your opinion.

Author: Soumya Banerjee

Soumya Banerjee is the General Manager of Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India. He has been adeptly handling this role for over five years now and has advised his professionals on many advanced and complicated IT projects. You can follow Mr. Banerjee on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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