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Apps or Website! Which One should You Choose for Your Business?

Mobile it is. There is no doubt that there is more number of mobile phones in this world as compared to desktop and Laptops. This owes to its lightweight, affordability and ability to multi-task, similar to a desktop. Business houses have also come across the fact that to have a prosperous future, it is very important to have a mobile platform along with websites in order to reach maximum potential customers. Hence, a need has arisen to optimise one’s business online and there cannot be anything greater than having a personalised app projecting your business.

Big and medium business houses opt for both website and mobile app, however, for other companies it is always about proper investment and it comes to only one option, a website or an app. When this is the main cause, small business owners generally take up the option for creating a mobile app. However, there can be differences as there are several factors integrated into creating a digital impression like budget, utility, essential features and the target audience.

As mobile phones are being used widely, there is a good reason to have a mobile app than a website. Given are some benefits of having a mobile app.

It is all about giving a personal touch to individual customers. People love when they are addressed personally. These kinds of customisation are available through interests, location and much more. It is very easy to offer a customised experience to customers through a mobile app.

Through the mobile app, people can select their interest and see only what they want to visualise. It can also be used to engage better with the customers and even offer offers depending on their selection. With the GPRS enabled in the handset, it becomes easy to identify locations of the customers. All these comes together making the conversion rate higher.

Notifying Customers
Some days before, email was regarded to be the best tool for marketing. However, in the present time, emails are left unacknowledged most of the time. Opt for mobile app notifications that come in two options – push and in-app notifications. These are less bothering and informs the customers specifically what is important to them. The customers are informed instantaneously fulfilling the motive of the business. Whenever they open their app, they will be notified.

Push notifications pop up irrespective of the customer being online on the app. These have proved to be more effective than any other communicative medium.

Use of Mobile Features
This is by far the most relevant and cohesive point to own a mobile app. You can incorporate any features like camera, contact list, GPS, compass etc. in your app that will enhance the utility of your app. This makes the app more interactive and fun for customers.

These reduce the effort to incorporate any other element as well, as most of the work can be done through the help from the phone’s features. For instance, camera permission in a banking app can help in uploading a picture in real-time without having to scan or attach a file. A customer has to simply click his photo and upload it in no time.

Summing Up
Apart from all these, companies prefer a mobile app more as it is faster than a website. Hence, before selecting your preferred online platform, consider all your requirements and accordingly choose your option. While websites give a preview of your entire store, an app gives a more personalised experience. Both have some pros and cons and it completely lies on your decision what will be suitable for your business. The ball is in your court.

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