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Codelgniter- A Reliable and Trusted Web Application Development Framwork

codeigniter vs YII

Let us delve a little deep about frameworks and their utility. A framework can be an important tool for the purpose of web development and can help reduce the development time of a developer to a great extent. There are numerous different frameworks available but Yii and Codelgniter will be our focus area.

Yii is basically an open source, superior performance and component based PHP framework. There are developers who prefer this framework because it provides maximum reusability in web programming and also has the capacity to speed up the web application development procedure. But the major weakness of this framework is that it is effusive and there is also over dependence on static methodologies. It is also difficult for amateur developers to learn and use the framework.

On the other hand, Codelgniter is an open source web application framework and it is used for developing dynamic websites with the help of PHP. This particular framework plays a major role in enhancing the creativity of a developer by reducing the amount of code required for a task at hand. With Codelgniter much less time is invested to develop a project.

But when it comes to web application development Codelgniter has many advantages in comparison to Yii and those are as follows:

  • Codelgniter is stress-free to learn, adopt and implement but in case of Yii the learning curve is steep and it is more difficult then learning an entire new programing language.
  • Codelgniter offers flexibility and simple management with MVC based framework but Yii is much less flexible.
  • Codelgniter is relatively a tried and tested framework and fits well in all kinds of web development work but Yii is relatively new and has a long way to go to prove its worth.
  • Since Codelgniter has been there for a long haul, there are ready solutions available for most common web development issues but Yii is not that widely used in all sectors so instant availability of its solutions are difficult.
  • Future customization of Codelgniter based applications are easy as compared to Yii based applications.
  • Codelgniter also supports the latest REST architecture much more efficiently than Yii.

Codelgniter is an impressive PHP framework and empowers quicker development of projects. This framework helps applying fresh functionalities without affecting the customization least bit.

Author: Moutushi Ghosh Basu

Moutushi Ghosh Basu is a Sr. Project Manager at Sketch Web Solutions a mobile & web development company based in India. She is passionate about information technology and stays updated with the latest developments in this field. You can follow Moutushi on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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