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Coronavirus – Data Tracking and Analysing Through Latest Technologies

Coronavirus – as you should be knowing it by now, has spread its wings far and wide throughout the world. While nature is not harmed at all, humans are being infected consecutively and even losses are reported from around the world. Medics are active round the clock saving patients’ lives and comfort them both physically and emotionally as prolonged isolation from social interaction has given rise to depression. However, this is not just about the medical team serving the ailing people but advanced technology has its part to perform as well, keeping track of the people affected in different countries worldwide. In this Coronavirus or COVID 19 crisis, two of the technological section that has given the exact figures of human connections are data tracking and data analysis.

Data Tracking

According to World Health Organisation or WHO, as of 25 March 2020 the figures shows 375, 498 confirmed cases worldwide along with 16,362 casualties. It also says that 196 countries and territories are affected. The past pace tracking has been possible because of advanced technology and data tracking.

The best way to track the virus spreading is by containing it. AI or Artificial Intelligence specifically does data tracking from different reports like local news, social media and other official documents. While analysing different documents, tracking is updated and any new outbreak is reported. One of the most favoured tracking ways is tracking smartphones. In a recent move, many companies have come up with different kinds of apps where individuals have to log into their phones and their location is tracked while monitoring their movements. The owner has to update their health situation and if they are tested positive, their location is shared with the health official and the people around them. In one of the apps, any person coming in close proximity to a COVID patient’s phone receives a notification of the present status of the phone’s owner and is directed to maintain self-isolation and get to a safe distance. South Korea has released two apps Corona 100m and Corona Map where people are being notified about the infected person and their movement. This is specifically done to protect individuals from infectious disease and not hamper privacy. Tracking people through traditional method is not going to help in the long run and hence data tracking is essential.

Data Analysing

Different kinds of analysing processes are being used widely to check the growth and development of the virus from all around the world. As the virus has turned to be pandemic, it has become essential that proper analysis is done to understand the intensity of the COVID-19 disease. Advanced Geographic Information System or GIS tool is used to measure spatial and temporal scales. This has helped to analyse the structure of the virus through a timeline and what will be its future and mutating properties.

Another important analysis known as path analysis helps to understand the journey of a patient. This study gives out a multidimensional report helping in realising the path of the disease. It includes studying the progression of the disease, its development through various phases, patients recovering and even deaths.

The most benefitting is, however, the personal electronic device or the PEDs. This mostly includes smartphones apart from tablets, smartwatches, fitness tracking devices etc. While analysing the health of an individual in respect of COVID 19, some of the essential information includes travel history, personal declaration and CCTV footage. Some of these can be hard to procure, as it needs official approvals. This is where the PEDs come handy as it records every movement of the owner. Through a smartphone, a lot of information can be obtained about the owner that includes the search history, travel tickets, websites visited, purchasing history to name a few. There is no doubt that big data and artificial intelligence have helped a lot in analysing the growth of the pandemic.

To Conclude
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have significantly accelerated the process of obtaining real time updates about the COVID pandemic from around the world. Technology is giving insight into multiple dimensions one of which is treating the disease. There has been greater than expected results in data tracking and analysing using the latest technologies.

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