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Dark Mode and Your Website

Recently, a number of well-known apps like WhatsApp and Instagram have rolled out dark mode versions. It has attracted mixed reviews. More number of apps are rolling out dark modes as a friendly UI. Both Google and Apple are also working on the feature.

However, what is this dark mode and what are its benefits?

Concerns for Designing a Dark Mode

Why Use Dark Mode in Your Website?
This era is all about using smartphones. People use smartphones for most part of the day. This means, the exposure to screen time is maximum. Reportedly, the time people invest in looking at their phone is equal to climbing Mt. Everest every year. Shocked!! But in reality, you can just walk down the street or travel to your friend’s place and have a chitchat with them. However, when you look around you, all you will find is people stuck to their smartphones screens scrolling through social media pages. We have grown the habit of using our smartphones for all purposes like amusement, booking tickets and finding out routes to unknown places. Dark modes can be beneficial in these cases.

Reduce Strain on Eyes
Excessive phone usage has led to eye straining. This is a proven fact and needed to be addressed. This is when the idea of dark mode came into play. Experiencing slight pain on your neck and fingers can be dealt with, but the health of your eyes is uncompromising. When you use your mobile for an extended time like more than 4 hours at a stretch, it can bring fatigue and redness to your eyes. Dark mode reduces the harsh light making it easier to view the screen during the night or early morning. When using an app for a prolonged time, it also creates a stress on eyes even in bright daylight.

Acts as Battery Saver
Dark mode has proved to save on battery consumption. With full-fledged utilisation of dark mode, you can save upto 30% on battery. However, an exception lies with this which is, this feature is only applicable to smartphone bearing OLED screen where the black pixels doesn’t attract power. There is no specific battery saving capacity proved for phones having LCD screens. This is because in LCD screens, the black coloured pixels draw the same amount of power as other colours.

Play Around with the Design
As the concept is new, there is a lot of scope to expand. It is just not about changing white to black. You can play along with the colours and different properties in the dark mode. You need to compare the colour schemes and accordingly opt for the best and suitable colour. You can even feel the need to change in the light website as well while working in the dark mode.

Process to Follow while Changing to Dark Mode
It is not easy to transform from the white background to black. It differs from project to project and only a trial and tested method is going to help you land on the best outlook.

Content Enhancement
When you work towards putting up a dark mode, you should look into the content section as well. For instance, dark mode highlights the content more than the areas that are surrounding it. Concentrate on the colour of the content while working on the content in a dark mode, and similarly the surrounding areas to decide where you want it to be faded and where the focus should lie.

Replan Your Design According to the White and Black Modes
It is not just about the white background anymore. Now you have to think about the dark mode as well. You just cannot invert the colour and get the job done right. You need to work on specific colours and how it will get affected. You should also be running the test in both the modes so it should look alike yet be different in their perspectives. The end result should not make the same website look completely different in different modes.

Keep the Requirement of Audience in Mind
Just because every app is undergoing a transformation, doesn’t mean you have to take up the work and implement it in your website. Concentration should be on the end user and their requirements. If your audience is young, they would look forward to an experience that is soothing to their eyes – resulting in dark mode. However, older generation is still not adaptable to black background and prefers the white background similar to a paper.

The Conclusion
A number of companies are working towards adapting the dark mode, however, this UI depends on multiple factors and before selecting the feature, concern should be laid on these features for proper working of the UI. If your end-user is not happy with the overall result your effort will go in vain.

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