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Delivering Happiness to the E-commerce Customers

The explosion of the internet has transformed many things in our modern lives like the way we work, the way we shop and many other things. ‘E-commerce’ and ‘online shopping’ are new terminologies to us but we have got accustomed to these terms very quickly. Not only accustomed rather we have grown fond of these terms.

Now, e-commerce is an industry which completely revolves around the internet. Most part of the business transaction takes place virtually and this removes the opportunity for any kind of physical and face to face interaction between the sellers and the buyers which are a very normal thing in a physical store. But for a client to shop online and to disregard the brick and mortar store their online user experience must be convenient, speedy and pragmatic.


Excellent and efficient delivery of goods and products is key to the positive user experience of shopping online. This crucial requirement is fulfilled by numerous young delivery men who are the physical wheels of this huge online retail vehicle. They are the ones who are always on the go to satisfy the timely delivery commitments. They deliver the already purchased product at the doorstep of the customer.

E-commerce in India is noticing a huge growth and both global and domestic online giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and many others are selling a variety of things starting from fashion wear, durable goods, home furnishing, books and innumerable others things to the customers.The scale of delivery is huge and on time delivery is of absolute importance.

Delivery boys racing on their bikes with huge backpacks is a common spectacle on India’s roads. Everyday eight hours of their lives are spent on roads and this fetches them something between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.No educational qualification or previous experience is necessary to land this job. The only requirement is decent riding skills. But still there is a demand and supply imbalance because at times it is difficult to locate delivery men who can be trained in proper mannerisms required in dealing with the customers, have good driving skills, have the ability to handle some paper works and also needs to collect money against cash on deliveries.

There is extreme competition in the e-commerce arena and because of this precise reason many of the e-commerce giants like Flipkart has developed their own delivery staffing service known as ekart. Many other companies have outsourced their delivery service to companies like Delhivery, Blue Dart, Gati and others. Since there is an inadequate amount of talent in this logistics handling industry, the companies are offering alluring perks like handsome salaries, bonuses, two wheelers required for delivery and many others to retain talents.

Delivery boys are unavoidable for any e-commerce firm and their demand is only shooting up with each passing day.

Author: Prosenjit Mandal

Mr Prosenjit Mandal who is a project manager and a passionate blogger is a regular contributor of write-ups and articles to e-magazines and blogs. He has been operating in the field of information technology for years for now and his experience is invaluable. You can follow Mr. Mandal on LinkedIn.

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