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Enhancing and Interesting New Features of WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 has arrived with exciting new upgradations and enhancements. It has been named “Clifford” in order to pay respect to the jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. The company informed that WordPress 4.4 provides some latest features which will assist the websites to be mobile-friendly and possibly much more noticeable on the numerous other WordPress blogs and websites. Some new features will be helpful for the developers also.


Let us delve a little deeper into the new features of WordPress 4.4:

Amalgamation of the REST API infrastructure into WordPress Core
The WordPress REST API is not something which is entirely new. It has been available as a plugin and it is been utilized for many crucial projects for some time now. But it is for the first time that it has been amalgamated with the WordPress core. The WordPress API is being put forward in two parts and WordPress 4.4 will comprise of the first part only.

From the developer’s point of view, this will help them to build great new applications by utilizing WordPress as a framework.

Embed Your WordPress Content on Other Sites
For long WordPress has been functioning as oEmbed consumer and this permitted users to implant contents from other sites. But with the new version of WordPress available, the users can embed their posts on various other sites including other WordPress sites. The new WordPress 4.4 also offer support for five new oEmbed providers like Cloudup, Reddit Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck and VideoPress.

Enhancing User Experience with Responsive Images
The images that are uploaded into WordPress will turn responsive inevitably and precisely because of this reason the images will adjust in size to a variety of devices and browser dimensions. The image tags in WordPress with the help of the usage of a display filter in the new version includes srcset and sizes. These two particular characteristics to the image tag help browsers to select the most suitable image size and then download it, leaving the rest aside. This can save bandwidth and expedite the loading time of a page. There are latest filters, functions, and an extra default image size existing in order to assist with the creation of responsive images.

Latest Default Theme
Each and every year WordPress issues a new default theme and this year also they have not diverted from the old practice. Twenty Sixteen is the newest theme which has been released with WordPress 4.4. These themes are extremely well-liked by the users. The latest theme has been designed mobile first and this will help the users to appreciate a heightened experience on any mobile device. Its supple header and entertaining color schemes will make the content shine.

The significant other changes and improvements include:

  • Developments done to the Customizer
  • Enhancements to Multisite
  • Noteworthy Improvements to Commenting

The new UU WordPress 4.4 is much more interesting, user-friendly and comprehensible and hugely helpful for the developers.

Author: Moutushi Ghosh Basu

Moutushi Ghosh Basu is a Sr. Project Manager at Sketch Web Solutions a mobile & web development company based in India. She is passionate about information technology and stays updated with the latest developments in this field. You can follow Moutushi on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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