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Ensure Higher Conversion Rate in Your E-commerce with Proven Methods

Even after having a bulk traffic several websites suffer from lack of sales. The simplest reason is high bounce rate or low conversion rate. Here are some tricks explained by a developer at ecommerce website development company in Kolkata on how to get rid of this loop.

Having a high traffic in your website doesn’t ensure high profit, if you can’t convert them into customers. In most of the cases people don’t place their order in the online stores even after several visits just because it doesn’t give them the in-store feeling. It’s really a challenge for the ecommerce website designers and developers to create the right environment that mimic the brick and mortar store.

So, what are the secrets to make your shopping store more inviting and engaging and ensure higher conversion rate? Here are some suggestions from experts.

Respond to Customers

No matter you have an on-call helpdesk number or not, it’s possible to respond to your customers. It makes them satisfied and gives a ‘premium’ feeling. So, whether they have posted a negative feedback or a complaint against a product or have mailed at your support, reply to it promptly. Try to use professional language and give them real assurance, not just fluffy commitments. Say what you can do. Once a complaint is closed, contact them with personalised mail to know their experience and request them to revise their feedback. Remember, a negative feedback can outrank 10 or more good feedbacks.

Start Strategic Surveys

Surveys are very good options to know what your customers want actually and what they feel about your store. You can get real and valuable insight about the reasons that are preventing you from getting the right value for your investment. So, start some simple-to-answer surveys with automated set of questions. Also allow them to write their own thoughts in their language. Not all will participate; but every report you get can help you revising your business strategy.

Utilise Every Space Wisely

Designers mostly keep the products in the centre-area to highlight them most. But, don’t leave the side-columns, footer or the top part unused of packed with irrelevant items. Implement custom function to present your most selling, most views, best discounted and similar or alternative products. It increases the chance of conversion as they always can find an alternative, in case they don’t like the product on display.

Spice Up Your Product Page

Not all people are dead on those discounts! Of course highlight any deal or offer. But, also enter full details of your products so that people can know more about the product. Often people take time to do their research and on that case you can utilise them to educate through your website’s rich information. A good percentage of this traffic gets converted just because of the clear and accurate information.

Make the Search Experience Better

Most of the mediocre eCommerce sites don’t focus enough on the search box. So, you can find a product from here only if you enter the product name ‘exactly’ as it is mentioned in the site. But, not all users are so literate to spell a product name accurately and then typos are always there. As a result a major percentage of your traffic won’t be able to find the desired product and will finally increase the bounce rate. So, consult with your developers and fix the issue.

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