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Facebook wants to Rival Ecommerce Giants with the New Features of its Mobile App

Personal computers and laptops will become obsolete because of the onslaught of the mobile devices. These devices compliment the need of the people who are always on the go. Now, mobile applications are the new medium to reach out to the products and services they wish to purchase. Not only the big brands but also the medium and small businesses and social platforms have their own mobile apps. Now, armed with its own app Facebook wants to move deeper into the e-commerce sector and rival Amazon Inc.’s retail offerings. The social networking giant is testing and is on the verge of adding several new features to its application that will let its users shop or purchase directly through its app.

FB Ecommerce

Facebook actually want its users to purchase their desired products and services from their mobile phones without abandoning its app. Not many users prefer to make a purchase from their mobile phones because the whole procedure is slow and very clumsy and because of this precise reason mobile procurements constitute less than two percent of all retail sales.

Emma Rodgers, Facebook’s head of product marketing for commerce elaborates that Facebook is looking forward to offer users an easier method to locate products that will be appealing to them on mobile and also make shopping cooler and also help businesses to boost their sales.

One of the latest features are ads that guide a user through a particular brand’s products without redirecting the user to another site. Take for example, a user who has clicked on an ad from bike showroom can view an expanded page that reveals various other bikes also.

Another feature of the social media is that the businesses on Facebook will be able to exhibit products for purchase directly on their own pages. The users will be able to buy the products straightaway on Facebook through a “buy now??? button that will be more extensively presented in future.

Facebook has also added an innovative section on its application that takes users right away to a shopping page where they can browse several brands from a chosen group of small businesses that will be expanded eventually.

According to an analyst, Facebook with its 1.5 billion members and these new features can give serious competition to many e-commerce sites and also can earn some serious ad dollars.

Author: Ranjan Paul

Ranjan Paul who is the Team leader of Digital Marketing Department at Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India has immense experience in this field. He has been responsible for creating the internet presence of many unknown business entities and has also propelled many known names to the first page of the most well-known search engines.

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