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Four Recent Trends in Technology for 2020

Technology is on a roller coaster ride and it is changing itself even while writing this blog. Every prediction is falling outdated as there is something new happening and even changing its form. If you say about being exponential, there is nothing more valid than the technology itself. You will see more of it when you visualize technology as untamed.

With the technology, what comes next is people working with these. Careers do not change drastically but it evolves and experts need to learn the newer things and apply them as necessary. The present state is so that experts are in a constant stir to learn new things or else they will be outdated and never coop with the present.

If you are one of the IT techs, it is crucial that you take up the top trending technologies and start applying them in your projects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
This should not be a new term to you as it has been into use from a long time back. But that was not the end of the road and it is still evolving continuously. It has become a part of our life because its penetration among the populace is high. Artificial Intelligence is computer programing that can mimic some human intelligence like recognising images, understanding speech and even make some decisions on behalf of its humans. It is faster than a human.

You must be utilizing AI for all kinds of interactions without even knowing like Google personal assistants, map navigations, ride-sharing apps, scheduling travels, improving energy efficiency and many more.

VR and AR
VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augment Reality) are two environment benders that are specifically into use in the entertainment and gaming industries. VR has the power to immerse a user in the environment whereas AR enhances the surrounding environment. Apart from the primary use in the gaming industry, these are also used in training cadres in navy, army and air force. One of the examples of AR is a popular game Pokemon Go.

VR and AR are widely used in the medical field as well for rehabilitation purpose after an injury. Major tech giants like Google, Samsung and Oculus are using the technology to create wonders. Starting up with VR and AR is not rocket science rather a basic understanding of programming is enough to work with.

Robotics, technically known as Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has usage in processing transactions, working with data, replying emails and working in different applications to name a few. The basic work of robotics is to work on a set path continuously and reiteratively. You can see the utilization in different assembly lines where they are given a single work and it goes on following the specific steps until shut down.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning is a section of Artificial Intelligence and has the learning capability. These kinds of programs are programmed to learn by following the patterns on a given course of time. It will work on the patterns and analyze the data for its learning.

Market analysers have predicted a tremendous growth of career opportunities in this segment as it requires skilled professionals. It is used for data mining, data analysis and recognition.

There is more left to see
These have the potential to secure your job and also push you to success, so you should be looking forward to learning them with full zest. These are here not to fade within a few months but will go on evolving and enhance the experience in many folds. It is time you choose one, get trained and go on living your life to the fullest with a bright future.

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