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Google Chrome is Deserting Windows XP and Old Apple Operating Systems

In this world where we are connected by the web continuously and perform many of our crucial activities using internet, individual web security is of utmost importance. But many of us tend to stick to our old operating systems which can pose great security hazard to the users.


Microsoft’s Windows XP is one of the most widely functional operating systems which is used equally by individuals and by the organizations. The updated version of the OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1 are also present in the market but people are still stuck with the older version. Now, Google has pronounced that it will stop supporting its web browser Chrome on Windows XP and Windows Vista and also on Apple’s old desktop OS like the Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.If the users are using any of these operating systems, they can upgrade to the newest versions within April 2016 and this will assist Chrome to stay insulated from malware and viruses.

According to Director of Engineering of Chrome, if the users, on the contrary, decide to continue with their older version of Microsoft and Apple, Chrome will certainly remain in function but the users will miss out on important security updates and information. Switching to the new operating systems will help users to receive the up-to-date Chrome versions and features.

Microsoft clogged supporting its own product Windows XP in April 2014 and cut off Vistas in the year 2012.But in spite of it being an old OS which was launched in 2001 Windows XP has survived the onslaught of the newer and more advanced versions. Windows XP still commands 11.7 percent market share according to the latest October figures from the NetMarketShare. In comparison to this figure Windows 10 which was launched earlier this year rules only 7.9 percent of the market share but with this latest development it is expected to grow.

Author: Soumya Banerjee

Soumya Banerjee is the General Manager of Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India. He has been adeptly handling this role for over five years now and has advised his professionals on many advanced and complicated IT projects. You can follow Mr. Banerjee on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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