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HMVC: Unique Pattern for Developing Web Applications

If you are in the field of website design and web application development, then you must be familiar with the term ‘HMVC’. But you might not know what exactly HMVC is and how it helps in developing web application in today’s time. Well then, here lies the answer of your question.

HMVC stands for Hierarchical Model View Controller. It can be well defined as an exclusive software architectural pattern that was published in the year 2000 in an online technology website called ‘JavaWorld’. A particular software pattern like Model View Controller (MVC) helps in implementing user interfaces as well as for developing various kinds of web applications.


It has been observed that there is less rather no difference between HMVC and MVC. Both of these software patterns serve their purpose in different kinds of web applications development. Now, a question might arise in your mind why to HMVC for developing web applications and apply user interfaces:

Why HMVC is better than MVC?
Developing as well as scaling web applications are possible with HMVC. In today’s time, it is undoubtedly considered as one of the most popular and unique software design patterns that are created for developing web applications. HMVC is exclusive in the sense that it helps in implementing user interfaces by using a free and open source rapid development web application framework called ‘codeignitor’. In fact, this particular software architectural pattern also makes the task of creating dynamic websites as well as web applications with a programming language like PHP flexible & convenient.

<!–?php class Xyz extends MX_Controller { $autoload = array( ‘helper’ =–> array(‘url’, ‘form’),
‘libraries’ => array(’email’),
<!–?php $config[‘modules_locations’] = array( APPPATH.’modules/’ =–> ‘../modules/’,

Why to use HMVC?
Consistency, easy usage, durability, longer service life and negligible maintenance are some of the essential features of Hierarchical Model View Controller. Developers and IT professionals from all over the world prefer using a software architectural pattern like HMVC because of its unique feature like ‘plug ability’. With these exclusive features, this particular software design pattern helps in developing strong and dynamic websites with PHP. At the same time it also makes the task of developers of creating web applications easy and free-flowing. Each and every pieces of its code is easy to use as well as reuse and therefore makes the process of web application development cost effective and time saving.

Downloading and installing HMVC extension in an electrical device from codeignitor is worthwhile for a developer. As codeignitor is an open source application development framework, it can be downloaded easily by individuals of all classes and categories. After downloading, it is essential for you to move the zip folder which consists of three PHP files: Controller.php, Modules.php and MY_Router.php into “hmvcExample/application/libraries/” folder.

Your next step should be to add the modules, in order to create the following directory structure: “application/modules/welcome/controllers/”. Check your browser and ensure of installing modular extensions correctly by moving “application/controllers/welcome.php”to”application/modules/welcome/controllers/welcome.php”.

You can also create a ‘login’ module in “hmvcExample/application” directory, which ultimately ends up in this manner:


The result of the directory, “hmvcExample/application/config/autoload.php” after editing is: $config[‘base_url’] = “http://localhost/hmvcExample/”; // web address. WARNING keep trailing /.

Here presents the different ways to use HMVC and how it helps in web applications development:

Call modules::run() from a controller.
Echo modules::run() from a view to display a HTML snippet.
Load a model from another module.

Using an extraordinary software architectural pattern like Hierarchical Model View Controller is worthwhile for a developer because of its easy usage and unique features which undoubtedly helps in developing web applications and making web applications more and more robust!

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