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How Local Businesses Can Grow Competing with Giant eCommerce Brands


1.3 billion People with a big percentage of mobile-savvy young generation makes India one of the lucrative targets for ecommerce brands. In addition the upliftment of the middleclass people financially in countries like India ensures a significant growth opportunity for the ecommerce’s which has attracted several retailers to the web world.

In such a scenario when every giant brand is launching their e-store or mobile app, the regional businesspersons also are planning to jump into the bandwagon. But, if we look into the statistics, we shall come to know that it didn’t helped these regional businesses a lot compared to their investment.

So, why did they fail? Several would instantly say that it isn’t possible to compete with those blue-chip e-stores. But, the fact is there are several opposite examples as well where small organizations have multiplied their earning by launching a few hundred dollar website.

The problem that these regional startup ecommerce’s face is to come in rank as they can’t invest huge amount on their promotion or branding. But, it doesn’t always require to. You just have to focus on a particular city at first where your warehouse is located and have to go for a long term promotion by some experienced digital marketing company. If you have a good budget, you can also launch a mobile app. Slow but steadily you will see your dream come true.

The first advantage that local e-stores get is to collect good feedback from customers by providing low cost and faster delivery. They just need to streamline the processes with good corporate quality packaging and courier service. As you target a very small zone, it can make it easy to grab the cherry on the cake and help you create a good place among the local customers. Now, gradually target the nearby cities and spread your business to a bigger horizon.

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