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How to Work From Home during Coronavirus Lockdown?

9 am to 5 pm work schedule has embedded deep down in most of our lives. Right after breaking the first job interview, we are working throughout the week with some week offs. Most of us have wondered about getting work from facility so that we can spend some time at home and still be able to perform our professional responsibilities.

Finally, the time has arrived to work from home amid the Coronavirus pandemic to stay safe and stop the spread of the deadly flu. While away from home in your office, you wonder about deliveries, stock in the refrigerator or any postal mail. But, as most of the companies and governments throughout the world have instructed employees to work from home due to coronavirus outbreak, many of us are clueless about how to perform our duties perfectly. As employees are excavating through the ways and means to do their job responsibly while sitting back at the comfort of their home, companies are working towards accepting the new trend.

Be Decently Dressed
Even if you are working from home and your PJs sounds a great attire for this purpose, it is recommended to be decently dressed for mainly two reasons.

  • You might feel lazy enough while working in your PJs and lag behind in completing your daily tasks.
  • What about the video calls! Will you run around the house in the quest of a t-shirt and miss the most important call in the pursuit? This is unacceptable.

Create a Dedicated Workstation
Resting on your couch with your iPad and working while watching your favourite Netflix web series might seem alluring but might not prove to be productive. A temporary workstation will help you to concentrate on your daily work routine even if you are not in your office during the lockdown. Additionally, you will stay out of any disturbances behind a closed door.

Try to Set Up the Workstation Similar to the One Back at Your Office
You must have grown a habit of working in a pre-defined set up back in the office that you are completely missing at home. Try to recreate a similar set-up if not the exact one. For instance, if you work with two screens, try to arrange for the same to keep up with the work balance.

Avoid Distractions and Leave Your Workstation Only when Required
Working from home means you are free to move around in your property and go on postponing your work. Refrain from doing it. You should surely look at your health and do some stretching, as you will be missing your well-defined cushioned office chair but limit your breaks to the ones you were taking at office like coffee breaks, lunchtime and evening snacks.

Given are some software that will help you in your work from home period

Video Calls through Zoom and Skype
Video calls have become handy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Companies are able to keep a safe distance from their employees yet discuss the crucial matters while employees are working from home. Zoom is one such video calling software that has helped team members remain connected during the lockdown. While the basic plan is free, a company can create a corporate account as well to stay connected with their team members.

You can also opt for Skype that offers clear audio and video quality. Skype calls can even be recorded and listened at later times lest you miss an important point and forget to incorporate any crucial point in your presentation. FaceTime and WhatsApp call features are also being used for small talks between team members that offer both audio and video calling facilities.

Using Google Docs and Sheets
Google has been coming up with innovative and useful features right from its inception. You might have used some but have you ever noticed Google Docs and Sheets! If you have been already using them, well congrats; if not, you may start using it from now on. The best part of using them is that everybody can join in and do the work comprehensively. An inbuilt chat system is also provided to talk to your teammates while preparing your presentation. Apart from the Docs and Sheets, you can also use Google Slides for office work during the lockdown.

Krisp for those Missing a Noise Cancellation Headphone
If you don’t own a noise cancellation headphone and have trouble hearing to your client, try Krisp app. Through Krisp you can mute background noise during calls. Once you create an account, you will get 60 minutes of free calls every week. You will get more free minutes if you are using the app on iOS platform. The company has proclaimed that its innovative technology is able to cancel both kind of noise that is while speaking and listening. The entire process lies with the application and doesn’t store or record calls. It is an instant process.

You can use these features only when your basics are in shape:

Fix Your Wi-Fi
All of your electronic devices are connected to Wi-Fi and when it comes to working from home, the internet connection needs to be in shape without any lags because you don’t want to miss or lose signal on an important call.

If your router has aged, say suppose 5 years, it is time for upgrading as the newer ones offer dual or tri-band wireless network. Through the newer devices, you can also segment the networks for smartphones and laptops for example.

Arrangements in Your Workstation
Get a laptop or desktop that is equipped with more number of Thunderbolt 3 ports that will allow you to connect to multiple devices. If possible, opt for a desktop rather than a laptop as it tends to be powerful and gives you multiple options for connectivity. You can also use an additional USB dock or hub to connect multiple devices. Get yourself a webcam and headset and keep them handy, as you will be attending to more video calls. The built-in webcam and mic might not be of good quality or lag behind. Hence, make sure your clients are not stressing a lot while talking with you.

Wrapping Up
Make sure you are all set to fight Coronavirus by staying home yet being productive and honest with your company through serving with the best output. These were some of the tips. Rest you will figure out gradually during the quarantine period what suits you the most.

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