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Improving your LinkedIn Profile Views by Involving Yourself in a Group

LinkedIn is the most important, vibrant and result-yielding professional platform. Innumerable professionals have their profile on this platform and they regularly update profile and actively participate in a variety of conversations to be viewed by others and this makes them accessible for new job opportunities and to connections also. In fact, it helps to establish their identity.

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Now, there are some remarkable ways to increase the view of your Linkedin profile. The benefits are immense so try to be an active contributor to such site. Getting involved in a group discussions help immensely. Below are elaborated some ways to increase your profile views:

Look Out for the Right Group
If you are not still the member of any group relevant to your industry or profession, then become one. For this to happen go to the search bar at the top of the page and type the keywords appropriate for your field like “PHP developer”, “Cloud computing” and others. Next, in the left bar click “Groups??? to further filter your search results.

You can also go for “blank search” and this allows LinkedIn to provide you with “Groups” that it considers suitable for you. Groups are of different type like from very expansive to very precise ones. If you are just initiating the process, join a small group, one medium group and another large group. But the groups must be active.

Get a Fair Understanding about the Group and the Discussions
While joining a group get a clear idea about the kind of discussions taking place in that group. Go through everything posted in the last week and also keep in mind the conversation style like whether it is official or casual. Also, note the kind of responses offered. This might look strenuous but it yield great results.

Actively Join a Discussion
Take small steps towards getting involved in a discussion. The discussion on which you are commenting does not need to be active. In fact, you can also revive a discussion through your valuable input.

Things You should be Conscious about while Commenting:

  1. The comment must be pertinent. If it is random it will be certainly disregarded.
  2. You can certainly take the liberty of promoting your products and services or yourself also. But the entire attempt must look natural and not forced.
  3. Disagreement with group members can take place but never give up on politeness.
  4. Explain your point explicitly to your group members and also, add your own experience to make it more comprehensive.

Initiate Your Own Discussion
In order to spark a healthy discussion put forward an open-ended question to the group members relating to your field of work. You can also share various articles and links of sites that the other members will find thought-provoking and motivating. Interestingly, LinkedIn allows one to share their discussions on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

If you have already started a discussion then you have already started building your own connections and obviously your profile will have more views.

Author: Ranjan Paul

Ranjan Paul who is the Team leader of Digital Marketing Department at Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India has immense experience in this field. He has been responsible for creating the internet presence of many unknown business entities and has also propelled many known names to the first page of the most well-known search engines.

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