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Information Literacy Through Website Design and Development

information-developementInformation literacy which has become an integral part of the modern society basically entails the proper dissemination of information and usage of the same in our daily life. This information is sourced by various media, namely the digital media. Information is one of the complex compilations of data, facts and evidences which are propagated as news through different channels. The fact that information which individuals consume every day is staggeringly high will naturally indicate at a common notion where each individual is expected to interpret the true meaning of such daily consumption. However the is a far cry from such assumption, humans don’t naturally have a tendency to understand each and everything that they come across. You must be wondering how such notion might have a relation with web design and development.

The truth lies with how a designer or a developer may be using a design and its elements in order to communicate with the mass. Designers, developers and strategists conceptualize and then implement their ideas. Each and every element comprising a website needs to propagate the underlying meaning and that can be successfully done when the design and development expert executes his skills and knowledge in the apt way. This means design decision takes on a pivotal role in information propagation. Users generally create models mentally with respect to how a website should ideally be. A website affects the perception of a user through information portrayed. A website design company in India will necessarily look into the key aspects that will make a website appear engaging.

Author: Prosenjit Mandal

Mr Prosenjit Mandal who is a project manager and a passionate blogger is a regular contributor of write-ups and articles to e-magazines and blogs. He has been operating in the field of information technology for years for now and his experience is invaluable. You can follow Mr. Mandal on LinkedIn.

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