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Perspective of Cartface Point of Sale and its Thorough Realisation


For many different types of businesses – big, medium and small – creating a retail experience that is captivating and alluring is the key to their success. And to implement this they need the right technology that is crucial for sustaining a competitive advantage. This case study has been done to evaluate the role played by Cartface Point of Sale (POS) System and Store Management (SM) based upon its specific industry needs. The case study will describe in detail the entire process leading up to implementation of this system using the POS created by Cartface.

Cartface is an ecommerce website development site. They develop ecommerce website on an open platform as well as customer specifications. With its ready to use platform, anyone can create their online store within minutes.  Designs can be chosen from ecommerce theme templates. Cartface also provides its customers with the complete infrastructure required to run an online business. With the POS System, customers can enjoy a free payment gateway that enables them to receive payments online on their website. The customers also enjoy tie-ups with the top courier companies so that all the orders get delivered in time across the globe. Cartface is a sister organization of Sketch Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Significant Milestones Achieved By Cartface:

  • Cartface Online Ecommerce Store was launched in August, 2016
  • The POS (Billing Software) was launched in March, 2017
  • The Account Software: ACT-ERP was launched in April, 2018

The case study looks at the challenges faced by Cartface in creating and implementing the POS that can be used by business houses to upgrade their systems.


This case study tries to find out answers on how a business can benefit by installing a POS and store management system. Moreover, the case study will also help one understand how the Point of Sale System can affect the decision making procedures o management regarding functions like:

  • Product positioning
  • Inventory
  • Ordering
  • Sales forecast
  • Marketing efforts
  • Customer service

And finally, it will give an overall idea on how a customer benefits out of this system. In course of the study, we found that there are three systems that play a significant role in increasing the profit margin of a business. They are namely – Point Of Sale, Store Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Subject Matter:

More Than A Checkout Solution, Cartface POS Drives Bottom-Line Efficiency!

The Point Of Sale System developed by Cartface aims to simply your business with the most effective outcome. In other words, we can safely say the following:

Multiple Selling Points

With the option of promoting the products in social media, store, and flea market or out of the trunk, one can use the POS system to increase their overall sales.

Analytical Representation

For any business to grow, future forecasts are important. One needs to be aware of the latest trends as well as the upcoming ones if they wish to edge past their competition. Hence, data and analytics will be the driving force that will determine the growth and development of your business. With Cartface POS at the helm, it is possible to monitor the sales, maintain an updated report and find out more about the hot selling products of one’s company in a flawless fashion.

Effective Growing Tools

For any business to grow and prosper, it requires the right infrastructure and technology. Through Cartface POS, one can easily look into the marketing, payment model, secure checkouts and shipping across the country. The Cartface POS is an all-in-one software that gives an in-depth coverage on all the aspects of one’s business.

All Round Support

With all round support from the Cartface support team, the POS system ensures that all tech disruptions are handled at the nascent stage.

Payment on the Go

Cartface’s anytime, anywhere payment acceptance platform is apt for everyone. Credit card, debit card, cash on delivery – all modes of payment are active and running.

Detailed Interpretation: 

How Does This Point Of Sale System Developed By Cartface Actually Work? – An In-depth Explanation

The entire process has been described in detailed under several headings for better understanding.

  • Payment 

Two modes of payment exists – cards and store credit.

Debit/Credit Card Payment

The external card terminal monitoring platform ensures that one can use the credit/debit card to make the payment. The entire process is tracked and monitored in a seamless fashion for inventory management.

Store Credit

Once a product is returned for whatever reason, do not refund the money. Issue store credits. This is an interesting way of engaging the client to purchase in the near future. These credits will get converted into cash at the time of purchase.

  • Checkout


To attract more customers and to retain their interest in purchasing a product, lure them with discounts. Offer the best possible discounts on a particular product or offer a part discount on a stipulated purchase of goods.

Order Note

For special purchases issue an added notification. One can track the special orders by simply attaching a note to it.


There are two options – customize the tax depending on the location of delivery or simply add the tax to the price of the product. One can choose between the options – thereby ensuring happy customers at the end of the day.

Custom e-mail/printed receipts

Tailor made receipts available. Just make the necessary changes as and when required and one has the customized receipt at disposal. The customer can connect the machine to a nearby printer and get the receipt for future use.

  • Store Management

Order History

Tracking orders made easy with the POS system. One can track customers by their name, the product purchased, date of purchase in the your store outlet as well as through online.

Daily Totals

Track the daily total – no matter what the mode of payment that was selected by the customer.

  • Customer 

Track customer purchase habits, their preference – to develop new selling techniques. With the customer analytics it is possible to find out a lot about how customer preferences convert into sales.

  • Product

Product Organization

Cartface POS has been developed to organize the different products into different categories depending on the seasons, sales, type, and feature. One can use the smart collection to improvise the product category as per their price, vendors and inventory level.

Inventory Management

The POS developed by Cartface lays special emphasis on the inventory management. It offers a flawless management system so that conducting the stock counts and stopping the sale of products when the inventory is drained can be carried out without any kind of glitch.

  • Cartface POS apps 

Wholesale price, loyalty programs, and special selling prices – all these and much more apps can be implemented through the Cartface POS apps feature. Take your ecommerce to the next level through better and refined shopping experience for the customers.

Product Variation

Assorting different products depending on the color, material and size is no longer an effort. The entire process has been simplified to create separate outlays based on the weight, price, SKU and inventory.


Cartface’s POS apps are smartphone and tablet compatible. Use this to your business advantage and venture across the globe by making the POS system an integral part of your ecommerce business.

Point of Sale Hardware

Customization of the checkout counter has always been a problem area that is difficult to handle. But with the Cartface POS it is possible to integrate all-in-one like the card reader, cash drawer, bar code scanner and receipt printer to ensure an all round experience to the ecommerce business.

Receipt Printer

It is possible to connect the POS to the wireless printers to print out customized receipts. It is easy to carry out the purchase and get the invoice and other deliverables in the easiest possible manner.

  • Cartface on Mobile

Mobile Dashboard

It helps to tailor make the entire buying process. Check out the changing trends and incorporate them in the interface for better customer handling. This ensures that your online retail store ensures a wholesome experience to the customers.

  • Support

Email or Call Customers

Browse through the customer profile to keep a track on their previous checkouts. Create an email template and mail it to them informing about the latest product launches and interesting discounts available – a great way to boost the customer base.

Ready to Serve Support Staff

With round the clock support system, Cartface support staff ensures immediate help and answer to all the queries sent through chat, call or email.

Discussion Forums

Cartface discussion forum has ben specially created to assist its customers with new ideas and strategies so as to get the latest insights on marketing, accounting and sales.

Cartface Help Center

Market disruptions, unknown trends can do more harm to the business than anything else. To prevent this from happening and to make one aware of all these, guides and tutorials are available that can be used to keep the ecommerce store updated and vibrant.

  • Analytics


The POS system with its integrated plug-ins and smart shopping options creates a better shopping experience. The clickable interface of Cartface POS in the ecommerce website is ideal for generating sales, managing orders and ensuring traffic for increased sales and higher profit margin.

Product Report

Cartface’s POS ensures Real Time Analysis. Get instant updates on the activities going on in the ecommerce website. Use the information to create right strategies and implement them in the business for better and improved sales. Both online and offline selling analysis available at any given point of time!

From Shuffling Items To Managing Inventory

Online Billing Software – GST Ready

During the case study, we found that the Cartface POS System is a one-stop solution for all the ecommerce needs. It is an all round software that begins right with the uploading of the product images to the ecommerce site and ends with the upgradation of the inventory stock after the sale of products. So, that in any point of time, the user gets all the required information to run his business at the click of a button.

The major benefits attached with the Cartface POS system cannot be overlooked. It ahs been created keeping in mind its customers. What works in favor of this POS system is that it can be tailor-made to customer specifications. Be it a retail shopping experience or a travel industry, the Cartface POS delivers all that it promises and much more. It is even GST ready! One does not have t worry about what percentage of tax is applicable for a particular purchase any more.

To Sum Up:

This case study has shown that when the business house shifts from manual billing to computerized Cartface POS System, they experience an improved efficiency in purchasing products. The Cartface POS and Store Management System collect all the pertinent information that is required for ordering a product. This information in the long run creates a database of purchase habits, purchase preference, out of stock products, sales forecast and finally the expected profit margin. It becomes possible to create orders in a more precise and effective manner. This is really useful for retail industry. Knowing what the customer likes and how to capitalize on that to increase sales is a great asset. As a result it becomes easier to manage the inventory, stock up on the products that are quick selling, to be aware of the latest trends and handle any unforeseen rush to buy products by the customers. This is explained by the way the inventory gets managed after the installation of the Cartface POS System.

Both the business owners and customers benefit out of the Cartface POS System. Manual process takes huge time to put all the information in the desired segment while an electronic process expedites the entire transaction within a matter of few seconds. Without inventory counts, it is not possible for the staff to give an update to the customer regarding the availability of a product. The sales team no longer needs to wander down the corridor counting each and every item on the rack. With the Cartface POS installed, the staffs can take a quick stock of which products are available and which ones are out of stock and act accordingly. This in turn ensures a quick checkout process where no backlog is created.

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