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Plugins That Website Developers in Kolkata Should Know About

DEVELOPER-IN-KOLKATABe it a WordPress, Magento or Joomla website, you need to use several plugins to make the website useful and feature-packed. However, with thousands of plugins it become very difficult for novice developers to find out the right plugin at the right time. So, here are some of the top plugins that most of the websites require. Please note that, in this blog we are describing the WordPress plugins for the website developers in Kolkata.

Login Protector

Saving your website from hackers should be the primary task just after installing the WordPress. So, go to the search panel and find some of the login protectors and install the ones with high rating and huge download volume. They protect your website in two basic ways – by adding captcha in your login page to filter out the robots; and by blocking IP address for a certain period in case of entering wrong credentials repeatedly. Mostly you can customize them as per your need.

SEO Tool

Another useful tool is adding a high rated SEO tool. Search and you will find innumerable plugins that claim to make your website more search engine friendly. Install any of the top ones and it will help you fix most of the onpage issues through a few simple ways. You can add meta title-descriptions, define keywords, set alt-text, add sitemap and so on through a few simple clicks.

Contact Form

If it is not a shopping site, the thing that you would want from your visitors, is to contact you if they are interested in your products or services. So, you need a robust yet simple contact form. While most of the WordPress them comes with a generic contact page, you should change or upgrade it to a better quality contact page that contains all the major fields with perfect validation, yet don’t make the visitor boar with a lengthy form.

Copywrite Protection

Website content is your asset. Don’t allow people to steal it from your website. You can add copywrite protection in your website which will keep track if the contents are used in any other website and will inform you so that you can take immediate steps against them, says a website development company in Kolkata. Some copywrite plugin also provide a logo of “copywrited website??? which often helps you deter the content pirates. However, choosing a wrong tool can make your website perform slow.

Author: Moutushi Ghosh Basu

Moutushi Ghosh Basu is a Sr. Project Manager at Sketch Web Solutions a mobile & web development company based in India. She is passionate about information technology and stays updated with the latest developments in this field. You can follow Moutushi on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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