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Prof Hawking Predicts Annihilation of Human Race Due to Frenzied Technological Progress

Stephen Hawking

Human civilization has always yearned for scientific progress and has invested in this sphere heavily. Human beings have invented and devised many amazing products that have completely revolutionized the human living condition and human society. In fact, the entire world has been turned into a global village.

But the renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking is of the opinion that excessive scientific advancement might just be the cause behind a universal cataclysm. As newer technologies are being invented, the entire human race will exist more under perilous conditions. This prognostication was made by him during a question and answer session at the BBC Reith Lectures at London’s Royal Institution on 7 January 2016.

During this session, the physicist made clear that the next century will be the most precarious in human history because the immense technological headways and scientific developments will produce many doomsday circumstances. He also added that the nuclear weapons and artificially generated viruses are a great source of threat for the entire human race. But at the end of the tunnel, there is light. Professor Hawking said that the possibility of a disaster to the planet Earth within a year is very low. But it is nearly inevitable in the next thousand or ten thousand years. The professor thinks that by this time the human race will be present in space and on other stars and this means a catastrophe on the face of Earth will not result into the elimination of human race. Though, the human beings will not start off with their self-sustaining colonies in space for the next hundred years and so they need to be alert during this time period.

The Professor claimed that even if the human race survives to see the 22nd, 23rd century, the cataclysm is unavoidable within a span of ten thousand years.

Author: Soumya Banerjee

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