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Reasons That Can Provoke Google to Penalise Your Website

Google algorithm is getting updated continuously to make it more interactive, useful and appropriate by eliminating the improper websites from its search result. And thus investing a lot of money on launching a website and digital marketing services don’t always give you the right return – if it doesn’t fit perfectly with the Google’s guideline. At times, it may even boomerang and can penalize your website.

As per an expert at Sketch Web Solutions, there are so many things that one needs to focus on while creating a website and promoting it. Avoiding regular maintenance also can be a reason of making the search engine upset and getting penalised as a consequence. So, follow the below mentioned points to know what are some of the major areas that you need to keep in mind.


Genuineness of Content

Whether it is a piece of text or an image in your website, make sure you are the sole owner of it. Never ever copy any content (text, image, audio, video etc.) from any other website or else your website will get penalised as soon as Google will find it. Even the actual owner can send you legal notice and it can be too costly. If it’s necessary for you to use some chunk of content published by another website, keep it between quotes and don’t forget to give the source website a credit by giving it a backlink.


Inappropriate Backlink

Backlinks are the one of the fundamental ways to promote a website. But, they need to be generated through genuine process. Buying backlinks in bulk can contain links from irrelevant sites or it can be malicious. Google will never tolerate such mechanical linking process and instead of boosting your rank, it will push it to the end of the queue. Be careful.


Page Errors

You invited a visitor promising to provide some content and when they reached your website, they didn’t find any information. Yes, we are saying about ‘404 page not found’ error. Even if your website contains broken links or the links are misleading, Google won’t take it positively. So, get your site checked thoroughly by some digital marketing services expert and fix immediately.


Manipulating Content

Search engines want websites to be more useful for the users. So, focus on visitor satisfaction. Fill your website with content created for ‘human beings’ – not robots. Any intention to promote your site quickly by staffing it with keywords would make it unnatural and Google won’t give you second chance to rectify once detected.


Malicious or Unsafe Content

Whether it is absence of sitemap, excessively high page-loading time or some code error, it can make search engines unhappy or can prevent the robot from crawling and indexing your website. But, if your website contains any malicious or unsafe item, there is a higher chance that Google will detect it and punish your website. Often, it’s not that you have done it intentionally; but copying code or products from untrusted sources without thorough checking can create such nuisance.


There can be several other reasons that can make your path to success tough. But those are little more technical and leaving those for the experienced digital marketing services would be the best decision.

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