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Reasons That May Make Your Android App Development a Flop Project

Every next brand wants to jump into the bandwagon of launching their own app to grab a bigger market and generate a better revenue. But, the bitter truth is there are companies which aren’t getting the right success even after developing their business app. Have you ever thought that your app could have certain drawbacks to attract and retain users? Yes, as per an Android development company in Kolkata, having an app isn’t enough if it fails to provide right ‘User Experience’.

So, let’s today dig into the factors that can affect the user experience of an app and turn your investment into wastage of your valuable money and time.

User Interface

No matter how big-screen smartphones have been launched in the market, that’s not enough big for handing lots of on-screen buttons. So, the UI of you app matters a lot! You need to design a clean UI with enough space between two clickable points and still you need to avoid scroll. People today are too lazy to scroll their screen to find another feature. You need to present it within a screen and if required, have to break a big screen into multiple screen-flow. When we discussed with a list of Android development companies in Kolkata, many disclosed few tricks that they use. Consult with them regarding this, and they should help you out.

App Size

Do you know, even in the era of 4G, every third mobile user skips some apps just because of their big size? Yes, it’s really shocking that most of the smartphones today have huge phone memory with extra memory card and still people become too conscious about saving their mobile space when they need to install certain apps. So, it’s highly necessary that you limit your app size and if required keep some part in queue as ‘Updates’.

App Validation

Not every user can be well savvy handling a new apps smartly. Validation is the most efficient way to guide them accordingly while they use the app for the first time. So, spend lots of times researching what mistakes a novice user may do and how you can guide back to the right track. Little extra effort can amazingly help user’s satisfaction level and thus you can add another loyal user in your list.


No matter it’s app’s loading time or overall performance of the app, you should be too choosy. Keep the poorest mobile configuration or network speed in mind and aim to keep it run smoothly on those worst conditions as well. Also, ask your mobile app developer in Kolkata to make sure your app is supported to most of the android OS versions and screen size.

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