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Technique to Write a Blog Post within a Minimalistic Timeframe

For every business be it small and or big, its perception in front of the public is very important. In order to maintain a positive perception, the businesses indeed need to invest a lot in PR. Many small business owners recoil at the cost of distribution of traditional press releases. In fact, there is no point in investing so much money for accessing the journalists, bloggers and influencers with the help of press release service. The business owners can themselves create content on their own business website and then circulate it through search engines and the social media channels. In the sphere of digital marketing press release distribution companies like the PR Newswire PR Web have a much-exulted place but using a blog which is entirely under the control of the business owner helps to put forward his or her opinion, news and views in a cost-effective manner and also can produce coverage in the third-party publications.


But more than often business persons are daunted by writing a blog post and are confused how much time they should be investing in the writing affair. Below are elaborated certain points that will help keep the entire writing process short and productive:

Craft a Content Calendar
If one is blogging twice or thrice a month, research and find out topics that are relevant and insert them into the calendar that extends more than a month. Have a conversation with your consumers and peers about what they are actually interested in reading. It is always beneficial to have an array of the topic to write about.

Classify Your Content
Within the calendar, try to fit in different blog topics. You may announce something with your blog, talk about a product release and many other things but list each blog post under a genre and there must be an exact reason for posting it. If each blog post has a different call to action then the purpose of blog posting is served well.

Always Try to Materialize a Post a Week in Advance
At least a week in advance start thinking about how to start off with the blog post and how to conclude it. You might want to add subheadings to the piece or do some other things and this actually provides the blog with a compact structure.

Contemplate Minutely about Links and Mentions
A crucial part of blogging is linking to pertinent content that the readers will find helpful. This helps in search engine optimization. It is better that the blog has mention of significant brands and names. If the individuals or brands have set up their Google or social media alert of tracking them, they will certainly locate what has been written about them and will stop by to see what is actually the whole conversation is about.

Set Aside Time Exclusively for the Writing Purpose
Few days before the blog post goes live keep some time aside for writing purpose only. Since the entire writing piece has been chalked out in your mind beforehand, it will be easier to put the idea into words. If the writing process is devoid of any disruption then putting down 500-700 words within a span of 30 minutes should not be a problem.

But if the topic of the blog post requires in-depth research, screen shots and quotes then the process become more intricate and time-consuming. But, if the spare time is used intelligently then the entire writing process may not look intimidating at all.

Creating relevant and engaging blog post is an art and perfection is reached only with practice.

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