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The Golden Rules and the Mistakes You Dare Not Make

Listen here everybody! You cannot possibly stick to age old entrepreneurial approach and ask for results. Today’s marketing strategies are different, they are much diverse and result based. Content marketing is the latest fad in the business segment. If you expect to see the number grow, you ought to act smart, like others are doing- adopting high result generating measures. A majority of times, most of you don’t tend to realize what is happening and end up committing mistakes which you can barely afford especially in a time when being at loggerheads with competitors is not a choice but a necessity. You may have the best idea on mind, but what if, your target audience fails to get it across? That’s right! You have to recognize what is working.

The Golden Rules and the Mistakes You Dare Not Make

The Golden Rules for Setting it Right with Content Marketing and the Flaws to Avoid

Set Your Strategies Straight:
Your primary goal is to first set up the strategies. Content marketing which involves a lot of aspects should not be treated as something separate. Since content is widely related to strengthening web presence, you can feed your website with enough effective content to create an impression on visitors and customers. This digital marketing approach should never be considered as some different directive to marketing and execution. Since this is a common mistake entrepreneurs make. The end goal is to grow successfully and this can be achieved with diversified strategies.

Understanding Customers: You have your own business and wow, you do not have a clue about your customers and what they want from you? Now this may sound rude but this would no way going to bring you results. When the content bucket is all that the audience is interested in, you should know what to keep and what to throw. Displaying content appealing enough for visitors would certainly earn you some extra donuts. What you must ignore is keeping all kinds of content together on your website. This would kind of drive them off.

The One Third Rule:
Keep in mind there is a ratio for the content use on website. Well, you need to generate authentic content which should be dissected in the 1:3 ratio. The simple proportion suggest that the first 1/3rd part of the content should be genuine. No it does make you anyway close to becoming a thief for the rest of the content. The second one third should invariably be licensed, so that no one can accuse you, not even the search engines. The last one third can be influencer based or consumer based. Most if the times the contents are well imagined ideas. This is a big no! You know why? You can’t imagine things and then let readers or customers believe that. Facts and details should be authentic.

Authentic Tone:
The tone with which you speak through your content should be free and genuine. It should be consistent. Most importantly you should understand why it is elementary for you to speak about your website and then get it heard and understood by customers. Sometimes, you may find yourself lagging behind because you had ignored the headlines of the titles and were unsuccessful in reaching out to the mass. Creative and expressive titles or headlines catch maximum attention. Yu must remember that the content too can direct traffic to your website. With catchy titles you would be almost there to convince the people on web.

Also, there is a tendency for the writer of the content to lose sync. Sometimes they tend to forget all about the title and then go on to describe an entire not so relevant story.

Incorporate Data and Analytics:
Wait a minute did you just write a plain content which has no data or analytics to interest customers? Could you afford to make that? This is supposedly a wrong way of content marketing. You can very well use and make a smart attempt to get noticed on the web. Social analytics would basically get the traffic driven towards you. You could also use the traffic numbers which would let you determine which the finest times to consider publishing are.

Proofread More:
Okay so you seem to have a justification for that silly old typo on your content? So, basically your justification would hold no meaning in front of the readers. all, they want to see is good content, content they would want to look up to while considering an example.

Responding to Customers:
Well what did you expect these visitors on your website would continue begging at your doorstep just to contact you? No, that is simply not the rule. When anyone knocks on your door especially after going through the content finds it intriguing, it is your courtesy to respond to his/her query.

Go Ahead:
While seeking content marketing it would be silly of you to stick around old and boring ideas. Push your boundaries and find out what is right. Experiment and make the best use of your own formulas. That’s business, that’s style!

Author: Soumya Banerjee

Soumya Banerjee is the General Manager of Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India. He has been adeptly handling this role for over five years now and has advised his professionals on many advanced and complicated IT projects. You can follow Mr. Banerjee on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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