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Things You Can Learn from Your Competitors & Create Your Masterpiece Strategy


Business is a strategy game where you need to present a fresh recipe every time with a perfect mix of good product quality, trendiness, appealing offers and catchy presentation – not just to attract and influence the potential customers, but also to overpower the competitors.

But, if you put all your manpower to brainstorm and develop a strategy staying within the four-walls, there is a great chance, you would be overwhelmed when you reach the real battleground. So, it is always a wise decision to keep a sheer eye on what your competitors are formulating and what you need to learn from them. So, here is a quick guide about the things that we never should ignore.


First thing first! Presentation of a product makes good impact on a customer’s subconscious mind and it reflects on the time they spend on different websites. While you cannot offer ‘try-and-buy’ method online, you have to choose a design that makes the website enough trustworthy. So, when you plan to design or revamp your website, don’t forget to make an extensive research on how your competitors have presented the same product. Well, don’t copy that; but utilize the concept and improve it for better result.


Websites educate people through text contents primarily. Check how other companies has described their products and who are getting most visitors. Concluding the research create easy-to-digest, engaging and informative content. Don’t use words that need good grasp on the language to understand – keep it as simple as possible to target majority of customers. You can also backup it with some short and attractive video/animation which plays good role on motivating people very quickly.

Keyword Choice & Ranking

This is the part that you are greedy about. But, it demands good understanding of audience psychology and vast knowledge on Search Engine Marketing. So, before you start planning your strategy, look into your competitor’s website to know which keywords they are focusing on and what is their rank on SERP on those particular KWs. The better and deeper analysis you will do on those company websites, the better strategy you can develop. While working on their flop keywords would give you a quicker result, you may lose a good number of valuable customers and vice versa. So, hire our experienced digital marketing experts and let them decide it for you.

Customer Support

Every brand has their own team and ways to support their customers when they are upset. You can learn a lot about how to satisfy customers and get sufficient time to manage your flaws by following your top competitors. While most of the websites provide traditional ‘drop-a-message’ type customer support method, there are a lot that step ahead and provide instant chat, free call-back, email and some other kinds of advanced ways to keep their customers happy. Just consider your budget and integrate the tools in your website for quicker return on investment.

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