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Tips on Learning and Becoming Proficient in Web Development within No Time

Today, we are able to rate the development of a business by seeing its online presence. No matter the business is big or small, having a website is crucial and where web development dominates the entire scenario. In the era where web development plays a crucial role in providing successful online business, the urge of becoming a proficient web developer arises dreadfully. To a non-developer, learning to code is not an easy task and the university courses often come under fire for not keeping up to date with the latest web developments. However thanks to all the great resources that have recently been put online for free and enabling non developers to turn to knowledgeable developers within weeks.

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Humans make great learners. If we have an excellent sample, helping us to stretch and strengthen skills, it is possible to teach ourselves how to do most of anything- including how to code. Working with people who know more than you and some who know less than you is a great way to learn and to succeed. Here are some simple steps that outline a simple path of knowing nothing about web development to having a fluid work experience of web development:

  • Emphasis on the Area of Web Development where You Want to Specify:
    There is a ton of foundational methods in web development that apply across various disciplines. But trying learning all at the same time will only leave you jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. But if you become master in one, you will be able to move to another much easily. Someone who is well versed with PHP is eligible to do a lot more than someone who has a basic knowledge of ten cutting edge web technologies. But you cannot move ahead with such concept in mind. If you have a basic grasp of HTML and CSS, you simply need to find things you are interested on and perhaps discover what your favorite sites are built with. This is the easiest way of becoming master in a particular field. If nothing specifically excites you, you can start learning the most common technologies like PHP and JavaScript. There is a ton of training material available in net for these and you will get good samples and instructions to follow to become master in those.

  • Follow a Significant Amount of Training Material:
    Learning the basics and implementing those on your own project is a great way to get success. But following an immense amount of training material get you the clear insight of how professional developers solve the different and similar problems. Following these training materials of how problems can be solved will also help you to recognize the core of what the actual problem is and figure out what is required to solve that problem.

  • Take Guidance from Experienced Web Developers:
    As being experienced in web development, the professional web developers are well equipped with every technique and process required in successful implementation. Thus they understand clearly the beginner’s point of view and have the caliber to resolve their complications. Thus, after following a significant training material, you can take direct advice from seasoned web developers to get the in-depth knowledge about everything.

  • Try Handling an Achievable Project:
    Now you need to build and see examples of your own work. After learning the basics of web development, you can handle your own project. Handling a project without following a tutorial is the most effective way to

    • Get the idea of implementing something
    • Discover your weak points in the work
    • Learn how to actually solve problems.

    As you are handling a project for the first time, you need to

    • Keep the scope of your project small and simple. No matter which area you specialize on to carry out the project, but spending days in the project will only give you complications.
    • Make sure to define an end point of the project. You should be satisfied with what you have made and know what features it has that you are going to label in your project when once it is done.
  • Get Initiated to Some Specific Amount of Daily Practice:
    When you learn the basics of web development, you soon get success in some areas. But there is a time when you lose your confidence seeing your failure in continuing your progress. This shows the mind state of learners. They become habituated with the success they achieve in few of their projects, but that success is not mean for all projects they handle. Thus, it is advisable that instead of running towards achieving success, they can commit much of their time in learning and practicing web development. Indulging yourself into lengthy hours of a day will allow you to get satisfied and enhancing perfection in every area.

  • Teach as Much as Possible:
    Teaching others what you have learned is an effective way to enhance your knowledge and being in the track of achieving success. Blog is one way to teach others but thinking beyond that will be much more beneficial. For instance, you can start a video tutorial site through which you will get the opportunity of building a site and teaching others and improving your own errors at the same time. Through maintaining your blogs and sites, you will tell people who you are and what you know.

Following these steps to learn and get well equipped with web development will definitely take you to zenith. Learning, implementing and teaching is the most effective way of becoming a master in a specific area of web development.

Author: Moutushi Ghosh Basu

Moutushi Ghosh Basu is a Sr. Project Manager at Sketch Web Solutions a mobile & web development company based in India. She is passionate about information technology and stays updated with the latest developments in this field. You can follow Moutushi on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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