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Twitter Supports the Latest Diverse forms of Emojis for Unicode 8.0


Emojis has become a significant part of our electronic messages and web pages. These are basically ideograms and smileys. The word is of Japanese origin and originally it meant pictograph. It occurs in a variety of genres like facial expressions, animals, commonplace objects, weather patterns and many more. At the beginning, it was only used by the Japanese mobile operators but now it is all over the place.

Twitter, the social networking giant has ultimately offered support for Unicode 8.0. It has finally taken a queue from Apple’s iOS and Android to let its users relish yet another Unicode update (8.0).This latest update brings with it variety, tacos and the middle finger emoji. Today itself without any prior announcement Twitter added support for the brand new emojis. Emojipedia gave this news through a tweet which stated that the “Twemoji??? additions from now on can be used in tweets even if the users’ device does not support Unicode 8.0.The latest emojis comprise of racially diverse emojis, tacos, the hyped-up middle finger, family emojis and the flags of 256 countries.

Emoji is making news for all the right reasons. In 2015 itself the word ‘emoji’ has been named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year. Then, the advent of the open source Unicode 8.0 taking place in the initial part of this particular year, with the iOS 9.1 adding the latest emojis in the month of October. Again, the search engine giant Google added support for the new emojis also.

Twitter also lately presented the special Star wars emojis and so it is not at all out of place that it has also accepted the newest update.

Author: Ranjan Paul

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