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Unique Ways of Creating an Informative yet Alluring Site

Gone are those days when you have to worry a lot for having an existence in the world of web. The credit goes to the advancement of technology and of course to various web design and development companies! ‘We deliver what we commit’! Team of Sketch Web Solutions ensures of designing and developing a strong and eye-catching website by using cutting-edge technology and advanced methods. We can meet the requirements of our global customers by following some useful steps.


What are Your Web Design Requirements?
Are you already having an online corporate identity? Do you want to make your existing website more & more appealing to the visitors? Well then, you need to answer some of the questions. Here lie the solutions which can make your existing site more and more appealing to the viewers:

??? What is your address which is better known as URL?
??? Can you please provide us your office address including location, directions and branches?
??? What are your operation hours?
??? If possible and available, please send us an attachment of the photo of your organization to the email.
??? What is your email address, phone and fax numbers?
??? Please send us the names and details of the Executive Members of your organization.
??? If you already have a logo and if you wish to integrate it on your existing site? Then, please attach your logo to the email.
??? Can you please send us the basic contents for the website which includes profile, goal, mission, vision, welcome statement, philosophy and brief introduction of the organization?
??? What are the products, services and solutions offered by your organization?
??? It will be better if you can provide us a list of products, services and your special offers with proper description, introduction, pricing, promotions and if possible images and graphics.
??? Do you want to list your insurance or financial policy or any other procedure on your existing website, if you have any?
??? Please send us an attachment to the email of any of your forms which you want to make visible on your website.
??? Do you want your special resources to be showcased on your website?

How We Identify and Meet the Demands of Our Clients?
Professionals of Sketch Web Solutions are efficient enough to come up to the expectations of the valuable customers from all over the world. They can provide complete satisfaction to their global clients by making their online existence strong and also by changing the overall appearance of their new or existing site. Now, the question arises how do we identify customers and what are the measures taken by us for creating a powerful and attractive website.

??? Customers those who still don’t have their existence in the world of web.
??? Clients those who have an online corporate identity but is looking for a revamp.
??? Customers those who have an existing site but want to add search engine optimization (SEO) features to it.

How We Register a Domain Name for a Client?
While building a website as per the requirement of your business, you can also have the unique opportunity of buying and registering a perfect domain name for your site. This undoubtedly helps in representing your business by showcasing the products, services and solutions offered by your organization over the web. Here lies the answer to the question how we provide appropriate domain name to a customer:

??? Three choices for the domain names are collected and provided by us.
??? The domain name registered by us could be at the top level.

The Way We Create a Company Logo and Caption:
There is no doubt in saying that creating a logo is a ‘must’ for representing your business over the Internet. You can make a deal with us for creating an appropriate logo catering to your business needs and plans. Now, you must be curious to know how we ensure you of creating elegant logo and caption for your new or existing site. Here lies the answer of this question:


??? We ensures in creating elegant logos by collecting unique design styles, color, images and fonts.
??? Clients are given liberty to choose a specific design among 3 options for creating a perfect logo.

How We Develop a WordPress themed Website?
In today’s time, many individuals want to develop a website by using a free and open source content management system which is also referred to as blogging tool like ‘WordPress’. Now, the question which might arise in your mind is what are the latest techniques followed by us for developing a solid WordPress themed website. Go through these points for getting the answer of your question:

??? A rich featured theme has been purchased by us from WordPress Theme Gallery.
??? In order to create a strong WordPress based website, we identify and buy a responsive WordPress theme catering to the business requirement.
??? A new and responsive WordPress theme can also be created by us on the basis of the frameworks.
??? We also use WordPress bootstrap for creating a powerful website based on WordPress theme like ‘Bones’, ‘Roots’ and ‘Skeleton’.


How We Develop a Website?
If you want to showcase your products and services on the web which ultimately results in expansion of your business, then it is advisable to have a glance at the following points which gives you an idea of the latest techniques and methods which are used and followed by us for developing an informative and powerful website which can properly represent your business over the Internet.

??? Navigation menu, pages and any sort of custom navigation are created by us.
??? Basic site content are collected by us from our client and we incorporate it on the website to make it more informative.
??? We make the site more attractive by applying specific designed theme and updating the theme settings.
??? Appropriate graphics and slideshow are also added by us.
??? We also create contact, enquiry and sales forms for a website.
??? Policy documents, special resources and services are also added by us.
??? We add licensed royalty-free images to make the site more appealing to the visitors.


How We Check the Quality of the Work?
‘Customer satisfaction is our priority’. We ensure you of providing quality work by testing it thoroughly before delivering it to our valuable customers from all over the world. Now, you must be curious to know how we test the quality of the work. Here lies the answer to this question:

??? IT professionals of our organization use latest quality testing tools and techniques before delivering the work to our clients.
??? We assure you of providing quality work by testing the contact forms by making use of a test email ID.
??? The website created by us are thoroughly tested by using emulators and advanced web designing and development tools.

How We Ensure Deployment of the Work?
We not only give utmost importance to quality but also give priority to proper operation of the work which has been already delivered by us. Here presents the solutions of how we assure our customers proper deployment of the work:

??? We guarantee appropriate operation of a website with the skill & efficiency of our professionals.
??? ‘Quality assurance and deployment are our priorities’. We ensure proper use and operation of the website created by our team of experienced designers & developers.
??? After testing the quality of the work, our final step is to change the admin mail id with email id of the clients.

How We Make a Site SEO-Friendly?
With Sketch Web Solutions, you can be sure of developing a website which comprises search engine optimization (SEO) features. Our team of experienced SEO experts has sufficient skill, knowledge and efficiency to make you new or existing site SEO-friendly. This helps in driving traffic to your website which results in increasing the number of visitors of your site. Here lies the answer to the question how we develop a SEO-friendly site:


??? We insert social media marketing solutions to the existing site.
??? Steps which are included in SEO checklist document are followed by us.
??? Blogs are created and authorized by us.
??? We promote your website on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

How We Ensure of Designing and Developing a Strong & Alluring Website?
You might be seeking answer to the question how we design and develop a website in accordance to your business needs and requirement. At the same time, you must be anxious to know what technology is used by our team of professionals for creating an eye-catching and solid website. Well then, by going through the following points, you can come across the testing methods which are used by our developers, designers and technical experts while designing and developing a website.

??? We make use of web design testing tool which is responsive nature.
??? 3G or 4G iPhone tester are also used by us.
??? Every web pages of a website are tested by us by using emulators.
??? The performance of a website is thoroughly tested by us with the help of W3C open technology and standard.

Develop a responsive, informative, attractive yet powerful website which is thoroughly tested by us! Our experts help you to reach your target audience in all over the world and increasing the number of visitors of your new or existing website by making it SEO-friendly.

Author: Soumya Banerjee

Soumya Banerjee is the General Manager of Sketch Web Solutions, a mobile & web development company based in India. He has been adeptly handling this role for over five years now and has advised his professionals on many advanced and complicated IT projects. You can follow Mr. Banerjee on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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