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US President Barack Obama, with His Very Own Facebook Page to Express His Own Words

President Obama

It’s just a few time ago the US President Barack Obama came up with his very own Facebook page, an attempt to consider it as a place where he can have real discussions with people and spread his message through non-traditional channels. This Facebook page of Barack Obama was launched nearly 6 months after joining Twitter in May. Obama has long had a Facebook page under his name which has been running by his political campaigns for years. But this very own Facebook page aims at casting him as a regular person, not a public figure.

The page is pretty well carried with all the information. From highlighting his first and second term oaths to earlier milestones including his marriage to Michelle Obama, all the timeline features are properly used to present all of his details. In his biography, Obama describes himself as “Dad, husband and 44th President of the United States???.

The Facebook page “President Obama, Public Figure” was quickly popularized by the world of likes and within just three hours of its launch, the page achieved more than 200,000 likes. Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandburg was also among the early commenters.

The first post that made in the page is a video where the President Obama is addressing the change of climate and showing users the real gift of nature while wandering around the white house’s backyard. In the video, Obama is fawning the mesmerizing beauty of the nature including the incredible national parks, the mountains, and the oceans which are making the planet much more hypnotic. He wants Americans to preserve and treasure this incredible beauty as he wish the future presidents to be able to enjoy this beauty while taking walks like this.

Author: Soumya Banerjee

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