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Web Designing Mistakes that Need to be Avoided for an SEO-Friendly Site

Web Design Faults

Online businesses are definitely very competitive and it is tough to survive in the market of online business. The businessman needs to take many things into consideration and two most important things are as follows:

  • Having top rank in the search engine results in order to attract leads, and
  • Retention of leads with a visually appealing and easily navigable website

If the first one is ignored, the website will not have search engine ranking and if the second step is avoided then there will be no visitors. The solution to this problem lies in attractive yet SEO-friendly website design. For this to be successful you need a web designer who will have the capacity to balance both sides. For a web designer creativity is crucial but it has its limitations.

Keeping the above concept in mind, there are some basic mistakes that a web designer cannot afford to commit if he wants to create an SEO-friendly site:

  • Substituting text content with images or java applets diminishes the visibility of the website in the search results. The search engine crawlers neither read images nor does it accept any information from java applets. It only recognizes the textual information. Greater amount of non-textual content makes it hard for search engines to comprehend what the entire website is all about.
  • The website must have a responsive design. The search engine giant Google has already demoted websites which are non-responsive websites.
  • Navigation is crucial for a website. In order to make a website more visually appealing, the web designer often muddles up the navigation. In fact, a badly designed navigation bar perturb the visitors and also puzzles the search crawler as it cannot trail a structure of links.
  • The attention span of a visitor is very less so it is important for a website to have fast page loading speed. In fact, the page speed time is inversely proportional to the bounce rate of the website. The more the speed, the less the bounce rate. Slow page loading speed is the direct result of the disproportionate use of visual elements that includes frames and flash files. These elements are no doubt eye-catching but the search crawlers consider fast page speed crucial for great user experience.
  • A professional web designer uses images strategically in order to attract the attention of the users to particular sections of the website. But the negative thing about the visual elements is that these are not crawled or indexed except these are optimized with an alt tag. But many designers ignore this simple fact.
  • The importance of a well-designed 404 page is immense. This page provides the visitors the scope to browse the other significant pages of the website. If this page is not correctly optimized with well-designed navigation then the visitors of the website lose the opportunity to use the other means of the website and also gets deprived of credibility in front of the search crawlers because of the broken links.

To make a site SEO-friendly, a website must be devoid of the above mistakes which are commonly committed.

Author: Amitabha Ghosh

Amitabha Ghosh is the Team Leader of the Web Designing Department of Sketch Web Solutions, a Mobile & Web Development Company based in India. He is a prolific designer and has been responsible for numerous complicated yet successful projects. His zest for unique designs are unparalleled. You can follow Amitabha on LinkedIn.

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