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Website Design Trend 2018 by Website Designing Company in Kolkata

Trends keep changing over time and it’s same when it comes to website designing. No matter it’s a petty online brochure, personal blog, corporate website, multimedia website or a shopping portal, website designing company in Kolkata follows the global trend. It’s important to make sure that the website don’t look old fashioned to the visitors and thus if you are planning to launch your website, you must need to know what is website designing trend in 2018 and what don’t work anymore. Read the following points.

Parallax – A Flop Theme

Even a few years ago parallax was one of the most stunning themes that changed the definition of website designing. Designers used to create a super animation using two images in two separate layers and moving them slowly in different speed, triggered by the scroll of your mouse. However, these were single page websites and were making the site heavy. So, it didn’t show good result in SEO. People had to redesign their website when they found it tough to escalate the rank.


Image-Based Minimalistic Design

By the end of 2016, it entered into the bandwagon and continued a long time. Using high quality expressive images with few words of text was the basic idea. There are few or almost no effects on the websites giving it a royal feeling. However, these high resolution images use to take heavy bandwidth to load the page and thus it makes the website too slow. Also, less text makes it difficult for the SEO experts to promote the website in search engine.


Spacious & Clean Design

It remained the golden trend since long time and it’s still too relevant in 2018. Simple design with enough space between two sections makes it any design comfortable for eyes and yet gives a charming appearance. Visitors don’t get distracted and thus you can highlight every section properly. However, the problem with these types of design as per a designer in website designing company in Kolkata is that these websites tend to be too long and people feel irritated scrolling too much. Well, there is a quick remedy to this issue – shift most of the item-details to other pages instead of keeping all in the homepage.


However, there is no alternative to innovative designs. There are so many creative designers in Kolkata who know how to represent a business best way through their handcrafted artwork and those sites always get some extra attention of the visitors.


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