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Website Designing – Mistakes to Avoid

The first impression is the last and if your website is not attractive enough surely it will pass without being noticed. You will arrive at the perfect solution when you have answers to these questions:

Does your website look planned or jumbled up?

Are your audience attracted towards the website or they are finding it hard to navigate?

The answer to these questions will tell whether your website contains all the required fields or there are blunders to be considered in respect of design. If this is the first time, you are creating your online presence, give time and effort to make it the best. Guilt would be the last thing you should be feeling when you are launching yourself on a virtual platform.

It is not hard to individualise between a good and polished visual, and a bad and messy website. It is all about strategically placing every element in a website. Some common mistakes or flaws that one should avoid in order to achieve an attractive outlook. When it comes to a powerful website, you should consider the following:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Attractive discounts and offers that are easily visible

What do you need for a spotless and visually explicit website!

Responsive Design
No more just addressing the PCs or laptops. You need to think beyond and make your website responsive enough to be entertained in tablets and smartphones. The significance lies in the proper display of the website in any sized smartphones without a visual glitch.

However, the story is a tad different when it comes to reality. Only about 17% of the global websites are completely responsive, others tend to distort when the screen size doesn’t match up with the requirements.

Free Website Builders
When you scroll through the list of available free website builders, you will get a handful of them at your dispense. But, are they really worthy of the time and effort you put in the drag-and-drop process? Through the free building wizards, you can create and launch websites in minutes without looking into the complexities of coding. However, what you cannot access, rather understand is that these programs are equipped with piles of underlying codes which makes the websites all the more complex that in turn slower the loading process. With the passing of time, the performance deteriorates making it harder to work with and ultimately discarding it.

It is better to hire a professional team or buy a premium website building pack and make a well-coded website.

Ill-Placement of Sidebar, Header and Footer
People think sidebar, header and footer areas are allotted only for advertisement, but this is entirely not, what it is meant to be. If the sidebar, header and footer are completely packed with advertisements with minimal essential content it will create a negative impact rather than an alluring aesthetics.

These places can be used for additional navigation and hovering over the website that is more benefitting and suitable. This doesn’t mean that it is irrelevant to put a banner over the heading as most of the sponsors would like to see their ads on the top panel without a doubt. It is all about balancing the entire aesthetics of the website without creating a fuss.

Website Design Matters the Most
People love when they get to see something unique. It needn’t be a sophisticated one as more viewers are looking forward to simple layouts rather than something which shows explicit strategy. Hire professionals having years of experience and a lot of knowledge to work extensively in your budget. By this, you will be avoiding the common mistakes.

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