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What should You Post on Social Media During Lockdowns?

When Covid19 was declared a pandemic, the entire world realized the significance of the ailment and decided to stay away from regular life and practice social distancing so that the spread of this virus can be contained. When you are at home for long hours at a stretch, you have to do something or the other to keep yourself engaged and entertained. What drew our attention is that during this time, social media has seen a significant increase in user activity. There were many trends regarding what to post and what not to post during this lockdown. Many started posting about their hidden talents like singing, painting and cooking. However if you have a business and you don’t wish to lose out on your customers, this is the ideal time to think – what should you post so that you stay in the game and survive this pandemic.

As one of the leading digital marketing firms in Kolkata, we wanted to share our experience and help you with tips on what you should post on social media during this time.

What Should You Post on Social Media?
We are living in strange times, especially the milleninal’s whose world revolves around social media. They have never witnessed a pandemic before. This is creating a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. As such your focus as a business house during these times should be to remain relatable to your customers.

  • Inform to Educate: Most of us rely on social media platforms for information and news. You need to make the most of this. Connect with your customers by sharing information, which is current, relevant, and useful.
  • Entertainment is the Key: To get rid of the boredom and to make your customers laugh and relax share entertaining news. Why don’t you upload videos of managing housework with office work? Make the video in an interesting fashion so that people can relate and enjoy.
  • Tips and Tricks: These are really very useful. Tips and tricks are generally in bite-sized format, which people can snack on. Tips are generally informative content and tricks are really interesting. So share these but keep in mind your business industry. The tips should relate to them.
  • Connecting with Customers: This is the perfect time to connect and nurture the relationship you share with your customers. Isolation and loneliness can be really nerve wrecking so it is best to connect with each other. Opt for interactive question answers in Facebook and Instagram, play games with your customers or live stream any activity that helps you connect with others.
  • Sharing is Caring: The best way to bond is to share personal stories with all those who matter. Share your experiences and ask others to share theirs as well. Share the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. They make really inspirational stories.

To sum it up, we are all in this together so it is best to do and post things in Social Media that will help us to connect with each other in a better way and will bring us closer. What do you think? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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