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Which App is Best for Video Conferencing during ‘Work/Study from Home’ Phase?

After COVID 19 pandemic, the workplace shifted to individual’s home as one after another, companies were shutting down their offices and addressing the employees to work from home. This was specially required as a safety measure to break the chain for infection.

Let’s not talk about COVID 19 virus as you should be aware of everything by now. Let’s focus on how the work culture has changed over the past few months.

There have been drastic changes in the ideology of how people used to work before the pandemic hit the global population. For instance, when there was a meeting required, respective employees were supposed to gather in a conference room where an interactive session took place. But, after the pandemic and work from home regulation, the meetings are held online through video conferencing app. Which one of the many video conferencing app is appropriate for you?

5 major video conferencing app that is presently used are:

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Team
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Skype
  • And the recently added JioMeet

Here is everything that you should know about the different video conferencing apps.

Google Meet
Google has recently added Google Meet to its already existing piles of features. It has proved to be suitable for webinars and corporate meetings. Some of the features include chat, screen share, images, video and sharing location. This is a cloud based platform whose predecessor was Google Hangouts. It generally meets the requirements for business and corporate meetings. 250 participants can join in a video conference and as many as 100,000 can view the stream at once. You can also access various other features of Google during a video meeting like calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides etc. Isn’t it great!!

In a recent much appreciate move, Google has extended free access to various video conferencing and communications services for schools and corporate entities till September 30, 2020. So start using Google Meet today.

Microsoft Team
This has proved to be beneficial for meetings and businesses replacing Zoom. This is going around the corporate houses for quite some time now. Microsoft Team offers a safe and secured environment for video conferencing and sharing PowerPoint presentation to 10,000 people at one go. You can share Microsoft Office 365 files created in Word, Excel etc. 250 people can join a video conference simultaneously. An enterprise can use it even if not licensed for Team. One needs to contact any Microsoft Partner or sales representative to get access to Office 365 E1 plan free for a period of 6 months. For educational institutions, it remains free.

Zoom Meeting
It was regarded to be one of the best video conferencing apps till some days back. But now, the app is facing criticism and questions on its security. The agency is still fixing multiple loopholes in security features and making it prone to Zoom Bombing.

This video conferencing app is mainly used in business houses but has been extended to the education sector as well. Zoom has a user friendly interface making it the most accepted video conferencing app. One can share screen, tweak audio controls and switch on various kinds of backgrounds.

This communication app is here to stay. It has been into use from decades and during this crisis, has emerged to be one of the greatest video conferencing apps for people worldwide. It is still one of the convenient options to hold a meeting online. Educational institutes also use it for training purposes. It has multiple features and is easy to operate. However, there is a restriction on the number of participants who can attend a video conference.

JioMeet is one of the recent addition to the online video conferencing field created and launched by Reliance Jio. This is said to be similar to Zoom Meeting with the UI matching exactly. To access JioMeet, one needs to input his phone number and email address. This app gives an option for unlimited free video calls and 100 participants can be added simultaneously in a video call. The unique feature of this app is that a video call can be hosted for as long as 24 hours without any interruptions. It offers a secured environment that is protected by password and offers features like meeting links, waiting rooms, screen share, chat option etc. Enjoy everything, free of cost.

Both educational institutions and corporate houses can use it.

As you have gained the required information on all the available video conferencing apps, it is time to decide what goes smoothly with your needs.

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