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WordPress is the Innovative Platform to Enjoy Web Freedom

As we all know that website design and development is the key to success of a business. It sounds really exciting that an owner of a website can have the unique opportunity rather liberty to post a blog as per their requirement and convenience. Creating a website based on WordPress is considered as the first step towards enjoying this liberty.

Now, you must be curious to know the perfect definition of WordPress and also the impact of creating a website by using this platform? Here lies the answer of this question.

WordPress can be well defined as one of the best blogging tools which are usually based on a programming language like PHP and MySQL, an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). Among numerous content management systems (CMS), WordPress has gained maximum popularity and importance in all over the world because it is free and open source.

Founders of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little took the initiative to release this particular CMS and blogging tool on 27th May in the year 2003. As a powerful CMS like WordPress is free, therefore it doesn’t require any kind of installation charge. In addition to this, WordPress installation on a website becomes very easy and convenient because of its user-friendly nature.

It’s been 11 years WordPress has been used as the best platform for developing a website and also a powerful tool for blog posting. This particular CMS has become the platform of more than 74 million websites. In this world of competition, where there are numerous ways of posting a blog, WordPress still rules over the CMS market with a market share of 21.9%.

WordPress is the Innovative Platform to Enjoy Web Freedom1

After giving a brief description of a powerful blogging system like WordPress, it’s time to look toward the future of WordPress. Here presents some of the features, impact and future aspects of a powerful and affective content management system like WordPress.

• Downloading WordPress software and then uploading and installing it in a website give you an opportunity to post a blog. With this user friendly software, one can share his/her innovative ideas, thoughts and experiences with the whole world online.
• The best invented communication vehicle is Internet. WordPress is considered as the best innovation because it allows millions and billions of users to get connected and also to communicate with each other conveniently.
• Plugin architecture and template system is considered as some of the essential features of a powerful blogging system like WordPress. Therefore, this type of CMS helps in building mobile apps and strong websites including e-commerce websites.
• Web freedom is possible with the innovation of a content management system like WordPress. Blogging is a crucial part of WordPress. Download and install blogging software in your website and don’t miss the opportunity of blog posting.
• Security is considered as one of the essential features of an exceptional blogging tool like WordPress. Latest and secured version of this CMS ensures proper functionality of mobile apps and websites.

WordPress is the Innovative Platform to Enjoy Web Freedom2

The future of a free and open source content management system, WordPress depends on the users, designers, programmers and developers. Using this particular CMS in a proper and efficient manner, implementing it, extending it and making other people aware of this powerful blogging tool decides the future of WordPress.

WordPress has a bright future with a community which includes creative and efficient individuals like designers, developers and programmers. Enjoy and protect your freedom on the web by downloading free and open source WordPress software and then uploading and installing it in your website!

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