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WordPress Themes are Effective but Certainly Not a Threat to Website Designing

Every now and then we predict that something or the other in IT is about to become obsolete. Now, it is the turn of web design. Recently, a post has claimed that the ready-made themes by platforms like WordPress are a big blow to the website designing industry. But the contrary view is that such ready-made themes are never complete and to make it perfect you will need a website designer for sure.

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The value of customized and personalized web designing and development is immense but still the theme oriented companies are making all the big bucks. The hardcore old school designers feel that there is nothing more satisfying than designing a website from the nascent stage in accordance with the wishes of the clients. But this is possible only in an ideal situation and of course, this will consume an enormous amount of time and money. But in this world of rush and hurry where everything is expected to be done instantaneously. For a client finances might not be a hindrance but time is certainly a pressing issue. So, going forward with a customized designing solution can be a bad business proposition.

Different benefits of using WordPress themes:

From the Initial Stages Offer Added Value to Your Clients
It is tough to make the clients’ imagine the final product as imagined by the web designer. A readymade theme can be very handy in such situations. After elaborately discussing certain ideas with the clients, designers can search for templates that they can use in the designing process. Since these themes are working demos, it provides a comprehensive idea about the ultimate product to the clients. This participation in the selection of their design makes them filled involved. This is the first step towards client satisfaction.

Complete the Project Fast and Increase Your Profit Margin
While creating something new is more satisfying, using a WordPress theme is more lucrative. Since the groundwork and the maximum amount of work have already been done, the overall turnaround time will always be less. This leads to cost reduction on the part of the designers and more profit on each project.

Charge Superior Rates Quick Services
By using WordPress theme and stock photography, a website can be made ready within a minimum amount of days. This provides the designers to charge fast service rates and this acts as a bit of a bonus also.

Using this ready to use WordPress theme creates illusions that web designing is a very easy subject. But this is just an illusion. If your site is just another ordinary site by any web designer then the job done is simply not good enough.

The client must know that there are many other things for which a web designer is required:

  • The colors and tones need to be adjusted
  • Finding the acceptable typography and fonts
  • Must abide by all the necessary finest user experience suggestions
  • The site must be optimized in innovative ways for the search engines
  • Must design a responsive site which looks attractive on all possible devices apart from the desktop and browser where it is being designed

So, a web designing project can never be taken to its completion without an experienced web designer because of the under described value he adds to the project:

  • Good knowledge about responsive web design and designing a site with that in mind
  • Knowing how and where to locate the right typography, fonts, imagery, iconography for designing project
  • Experience of how to combine everything together in order to generate that flawless visual effect
  • Designing a website with security issues in mind so that it does not get hacked easily
  • Set up the site, content and the plugins as required by the search engines and the local SEO
  • Installing the Google Analytics and monitoring services are crucial and associate the site with the Google Search Console
  • Follows the suitable User Experience concepts and optimize the site in such a way that it loads quicker
  • Testing the website on a diversity of devices and browsers to make sure that it functions well on all of them

There are many other things that a web designer can take care of. The completion of a web designing project does not signify the end of the relationship with the clients. Rather it is the beginning. There are many other related services a web designer or a web designing company can provide like:

  • Hosting, updating and regular upkeep
  • Handling social streams or blogging content
  • Advising clients on various related issues

If a web designer has the talent, ability, and creativity to design a customized and exclusive theme then they can sell it in their own online shop or can also make it available on the existing marketplaces. This provides the scope for a great side income to the designer.

So, the role of a web designer is much more elaborate and comprehensive than it is perceived to be.

Author: Amitabha Ghosh

Amitabha Ghosh is the Team Leader of the Web Designing Department of Sketch Web Solutions, a Mobile & Web Development Company based in India. He is a prolific designer and has been responsible for numerous complicated yet successful projects. His zest for unique designs are unparalleled. You can follow Amitabha on LinkedIn.

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