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Year 2020 Will Change Various Features in Digital Marketing

Technology is not limited to corporate buildings but has crept in the global village taking over multiple works back at residence as well. Different cultures and traditions have made sure technology has been adopted effortlessly without harming the age old practises. It is evident that communication through technology has enhanced a lot over the years.

With every passing year, something new is being added to virtual tools, technologies and digital marketing strategies. Marketers have a wide array of options to select from to attract the new generation audiences for building brand image and promote.

For digital marketers, it is always about being in the top strata and keeping with the changing trends in the market place. With the dawn of 2020, there is a lot to be altered to incorporate enhanced features. The list will give you a fair idea where you are lagging in the digital marketing scenario.

The Intangible Internet has Become Uncountable
People were convinced that everything over the internet can be counted and hence the figures are true to its core. Marketers also believed that hits and views cannot be more authentic. However, things have shifted quite a bit.

Pay per click, per lead cost and per sale investment were some of the concepts that were introduced keeping in mind the perfect figures projected over the internet. But, with unlimited expansion, there are some false alarms raised in digital marketing.

Online marketing upfront is complex than it seems as prima facie it depends on customer’s shopping behaviour. With different kinds of devices used, the competition has turned tough. With the advanced technology piling up, the marketing strategies are to be redesigned and reshaped for the better. People working in this field need to change their perspective to prosper.

If you still believe that you will get an exact ROI ratio, then you will be in despair when the result sets in. A shift is expected in traditional digital marketing facility as well that includes SEO and content of a website. Paid channels like Google, YouTube and Facebook are also not indifferent.

More of an Impressor than a Hero
When you look into branding strategies, you will be seeing more of us rather than you. This is not helping with customer retention any more. To attract customers, their stories need to be focused rather than the brand itself. Recent branding videos are all about customer feedbacks that projects opposite side of the story to which others can relate easily.

Social media is a platform where all categories of customers unite and hence digital marketers need to strategically built up content that relates to the end users and not projects the promises of the company. Lucid content is a need of the hour which can be easily understood and is relatable. Digital marketing strategies aim towards interactive features that engage audiences more than ever. Direct branding will change to customer intrigued advertising in the year 2020. This way is definitely going to change the buying behaviour of customers.

The best interactive feature that is widely used in various web applications is Chatbots. Through this feature, visitors and customers can get answers to some of their queries without human intervention in real-time. Chatbots comes with various functionalities like saving time, increase customer satisfaction and it gives unbiased answers, always.

Next-Generation SEO is Here
Gone are times when conventional SEO processes like blog posting, onpage and offpage SEO and keyword analysis gave out flawless ranking. Google uses the BERT process that has completely transformed the algorithm pattern. BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is a deep learning algorithm that depends on understanding natural expression through language. Search engines are smarter and understand the nuances of different languages. Google states, with BERT pattern the ranking and snippets are being honed to perfection and helpful in offering useful information rather than giving out gibberish. This is going to turn out answers specifically based on the expression rather than a bunch of keywords.

Hence, a website should have effective content written in lucid language by a professional who understands all the protocols and understands your requirement as well. Good content always attracts the public gaze improving the ranking as well.

Google Gallery Ads
People love pictures rather than boring texts. Google has acknowledged it and is ready to introduce a new feature in the year 2020 – Google Gallery Ads. With the increase in utility of smartphones, it has become essential that every strategy created in digital marketing space answers to the hand-held devices.

For instance, if you have a business where an integral part is exotic pictures, for instance, tour and travels, cookery, fashion or architecture, you can make the best use of Google gallery ads. You can put up eight images carousel at a stretch along with an appropriate title and description.

Google has always been up with innovative ideas and all of them help create a market place for the good of people, both customers and sellers. Similarly, Google Gallery Ads is will be a quintessential property.

Give Away Typing, Introduce Voice Search
Only some years ago, typing was the only way to search in any search engine, but new technologies have made sure that you don’t have to type anymore. Introduction of Voice Search API by Google along with other search engines and websites have transformed the way people perform their search activities. Siri and Google Assistant have been continuously used and it is likely to increase in 2020.

What to Expect in the Year 2020
There is going to be a transformation in the year 2020 in the digital marketing arena. Email marketing is going to stay in the market for sure but the formation might change a little. Paid and organic ads will be existing. Social media marketing in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms is going to increase in the year 2020.

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