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  • Founded 2008
  • Years of Experience 9 +
  • Team Size 100 +
  • Projects Delivered 1000+
  • Engaged Hours of work 6000 +

Who What is Sketch

We believe the treasure of a company is its people and their culture. In Sketch, we brought together smart, talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity on the world. We’ve got artists, strategists, engineers, geeks and some rebellious personalities in our crew to make Sketch the best place to be at.

We do not believe in being a service provider like others by definition only. When we look back at our journey through the years, often involving endless days and months of challenges, our definition of success seems to have evolved a lot. We now believe in helping others to achieve the things they want to achieve. This is what we want to be truly remembered for. We take your pain and deliver the WOW!

What’s so special about us?

  • Culture &
    Culture & innovation
    We innovate all the time so that our clients can remain ahead of others

  • Full service
    Digital Full service Digital
    We provide digital solutions for your complete needs, from start to finish

  • Enterprise
    grade Enterprise grade
    Empowering global brands with specific, consistent and scalable solutions

  • Technology
    Technology leadership
    Our inherent tech lab regularly delves into uncharted technological areas

  • Agile by
    design Agile by design
    Our agile organizational structure enables us to remain quick & adaptable

  • Flexibility Flexibility
    Flexibility for our clients stretches across engagement, pricing & delivery

  • Marketing &
    innovation Marketing & innovation
    Uniting prevalent market demands with customized technology solutions

  • Great place
    to work Great place to work
    Join our hands and partner with us to be an integral part of the web culture

Way we Think


To be the best digital services provider within 2020


Add values to life, digitally


We win when our friends win

Way we Work

  • Discover

    Analyzing exact client requirements are the first priorities

  • Define

    Here we create the workflow and define the boundaries

  • Design

    Visualization comes next by giving proper color and shape

  • Develop

    The design is then empowered with various functionalities

  • Deliver

    Installing the final shape and matching exactly with client needs

Meet the Team

The only way we work is teamwork. Our love for technology keeps us moving and our team has the strength to implement this love in the work we do.

Teamwork and Technology

drive us forward

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People rarely succeed unless they enjoy what they are doing

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